Orgone / Press

“L.A.'s Orgone, by contrast, kill it in the flesh and on record. Fully cognizant of funk, soul, and Afrobeat history, Orgone infuse those styles with an athletic grace and stealthy, sensual power that bespeaks of serious hours in the lab. This large ensemble's grunt work pays off.”

Dave Segal - The Stranger (Seattle)

“L.A.’s Orgone keeps the hotness of the recent retro-soul revival coming; If smooth, soulful funk with jazzy arrangements makes you sweat, you just found your new favorite band. ”


"It's easy to imagine Orgone both igniting mass partying and stoking libidos for more intimate gatherings."

OC Weekly

“Orgone has provided all the elemental power to drive the funk/soul revival to new levels. Orgone will invigorate your groove spirit and get booty out of its little box and out on the dance floor.”


“By the time the listener gets to the nasty, distorted, finger-popping, ass waggling “Crabby Ali” — where the deep brewed, second-line New Orleans old-school funk goes head to head with the gloss of L.A.’s Tower of Power styled horn charts — it feels like the party’s just getting start”

All Music

"Orgone recalls acts like Fela Kuti, Trouble Funk, and War, but with a heavy dose of disco, where the deep groove and diva vocals are so authentic, they could be samples."

The Onion / A.V. Club

“A monstrous debut from one of the heaviest acts we’ve heard in years — LA’s Orgone, easily one of the most up-and-coming funky combos around!”

Dusty Groove