Organ Thieves / Press

“To anyone who happens to be a fan of hard-hitting narrative-style lyrics set to punk rock chord structures with bang on guitar solos, you could most definitely appreciate Organ Thieves.”

“With influences from such working class heroes as The Clash and The Misfits, the four share a common heritage in the alternative/punk sounds of the '80s and '90s. Leonard Cohen also shows up as an unlikely source of inspiration.”

“The music the foursome crafted together for Somewhere Between Free Men and Slaves comes from a common bond of growing up in working class families and, via songs apparently informed by punk, metal, reggae and rock, delves into topics like domestic violence and substance abuse.”

“The songs were strong, Baksh’s textured guitar fills (produced by a multitude of pedals) were hypnotizing and a near-naked mandolin player bounced around the stage with glee. This band has all the potential in the world and should be a must-see by next year’s NXNE.”

“I listen to so many bands on MySpace it makes me realize that there’s a huge record store in front of me and I can sample anything and take influence in any of them. I think it rubs off on everybody, where we can all send each other links to bands, like a band from Sweden or Austria, it’s crazy.”

“He is also a member of the Organ Thieves, That band melds the D-Rock's metal and country traditions into a riff 'n reel spectacular. It provides an opportunity for Brownsound to display his roots in rub-a-dub, adding ambient colour to the band's rockier edges.”

“I think one thing about this band is that we are very patient and we are very calculated in the sense that we don't want to jump the gun on anything. Playing in front of a crowd when you are not ready can be worse than playing in front of nobody.”

“Overall, this band is young but their hearts are filled with truth and wisdom. They have a message and want people to hear it, and I think people should wake up and listen.”

“However, Baksh maintains that The Organ Thieves is more than the, ahem, sum of its parts. “Staying too long in one place usually ends up wearing me out. So to start from scratch and have that intensity and camaraderie again is what I’m addicted to more than just having a specific role in a band.”