“Each track growls and rasps its way towards an inevitable but glorious switch in tempo or rhythm, with "Ode to the Wolf’s Torment", particularly, pulling off some wicked reversals and swerves.”

“'We Come In War' is a giant stab at all around it, packing vitriolic tendencies, hatred and spite”

“like an old hand sagely laying down how things are, and this bands style reeks of Black Metal played harshly ... with tonnes of atmosphere and presence”

“The combination of feral tone and simple, shiver-inducing riff. The piercing, exhilarating, rasping scream. The structures that shamble between one moment of clever re-invention and the next.”

“Orcrist are Italian Black Metal played bleak and with seriously sinister undertones”

“All of this can still be remarkably satisfying, when a band such as Orcrist – unpretentious and truly passionate – presents it well.”

“The guitar sound is a bitter, Arctic howl; thin, primitive and pure, plugging straight into the part of your brain that wishes keyboards never happened.”

“The slowing down, the taking time to build in atmospherics, whether they be the weighty sadness in the melody of layered "Mother of Infernal Night" or evocative, high lead that colours "The Silence",”

“The title track was a great choice of opener, all low and mean and raw and classic, exuding contempt, and intoxicating with its repetitiveness”

"We Come in War" is the prolific act’s fourth full-length, and marks a change for them, in that the pace has been noticeably slowed on many of the tracks, whilst infectious, rolling rhythms liven things up, injecting a spark independent from the recreation of vintage Norwegian structures

“And then there’s Orcrist, sitting in a spiteful corner of the scene since 2000, nursing a frozen cup of deliciously old-school misanthropy and rawness”