Orchestrated Destruction Band / Press

“TIN PAN ALLEY:“The rhythm of this song along with the reality of the instruments catch me. The blues never sounded better. I wouldn't advising drinking wiskey to this song while thinking about past exes.Definiteley a soothing sound”

“So Very soothing melody. The subtle piano undertones really brings out the peacefulness of this track. It is very easy to listen to and to become caught up in it. Reminds me of something that would be playing in a five star restaurant. It's a song that has great flavor.und Out on Back to the Basics:”

“Back to the Basics: Wonderful. Love the drums and trumpet in this tune. I feel like im in a grovy 60s elavator full of smoke. You can't beat the grove this band is putting down. notes and chords that resonate accosted the air as if it were made for it. blow that saxophone and play that flute, its party time!”

“As for Tin Pan Alley LIVE-“This is a good jam. Definitely has a Jimi Hendrix/ The Black Keys sound to the song. Far too long to be on the radio, although I would love to hear these guys at a concert outdoors. Nothing in this song feels unnatural. The band itself feels very at home doing this music and because of that this song shines. Great tunes.””

“Aterburner:“this song brings an air about it. the atmospheric sound is very fresh and genuine. the full effect of this song comes from the base of this music. something that is very precise. the variety in the instrumentals give this song so much of a direct style to it. the pleasing mix of music is very rewarding and the difference in each sound makes this one pretty attractive””

“Tin Pan Alley Live Performance::“The introduction was intense in a very calm way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great way top grab your listeners attention when you really need it! The wide varieties oof instruments was engaging, compelling, imaginative, and powerful! The lyrics that i heard were amusing to me! They were very meaningful, thought-provoking, and powerful!!! The vocals were very expressive as this artist would perform! They were also very appealing! I can really tell that this artists is very confident in themselves just by the way they express their emotions through the music! The melodies throughout this song were very tuneful and had very good... ”

“Back to the Basics:“The introduction to this song was amazing! The groove was so tight and well played off that I could listen all day! This is not easy music to play and these musicians should be highly respected! The drums drove the energy so high and the horns that were used brought the most beautiful and soulful melody I have ever heard! The piano player was also to notch and I would love to hear more!””