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“many thank you(s) for being the creator of this musique.i adore it so MUCH.namasté ( नमस्ते )”

Gigi - Myspace comments

“hey o.r.m.e wazz up??? cheers 4 d add mad tunes i lov ur sound n style keep it groin large much respect denn peace”

Denn - Myspace comments

“PART TWO "Twist in the Tale" is my favorite song, with its wonderful acoustic guitar base and soulful vibe. But it's difficult to single out any one composition, as all of O.R.M.E.'s music is truly pleasurable, with amazing vocals and remarkably thoughtful lyrics. Two albums, "If Only We Could Breathe" and "Swallower of Myriads," are available for purchase, as well as O.R.M.E.'s electro EP, "Unseen Spirits." Find them on iTunes, Reverbnation, and Amazon."”

“PART ONE - "PoppySilver and Holly are the talented musicians who comprise Orbitally Re-Arranged Monatomic Elements (O.R.M.E.), an alternative band from the U.K. that uses electro and acoustic elements in uniquely creative ways. Of their songs on Reverbnation, "Rouen" is Gothic-modern electronica that subtly and mysteriously tickles its way into your mind with a simple but addictive rhythm. Wonderfully clear, almost saccharine vocals lead you on a trip down a poetic, shadowy road. It is a real pleasure to let this music take you away. "Long Way From Sane" has a tender and thoughtful intro that pulsates into a wall of swirling sound. The music folds around a story of love, sanity, and times past, and has a strong, steady drum beat that brings goosebumps to my flesh. "In Nature's Shriek" is a driving, dynamic listening experience that holds you enslaved in its trancelike force as remarkable vocals cry out "Darkness, tell me a story..." and plead for peace, hope, and restoration."”

“Swings and Roundabouts sure is a complex piece of music you guys! Feels to me like a complex bunch of emotions and every one's given it's own little slice of fame within. I love a song that tells a tale. This has got the mini-epic tag written all over it.You two are amazing songwriters.”

David Faylin - Myspace comments