“Just stopped by to listen to your music. Cool sound, especially like the vocals and selection of covers.”

“I am Jenny Oliver from the British Blues Band. I am the lead singer. I like your music. Very unusual sound but I really dig it.”

“Hey there Orange Blues band! I just wanna say a massive thanks for Ur Fanship & support on my Reverb profile, also soo sorry for xtreme delayed reply but I've had a mega busy yr so far performing a summer season in Cyprus! I'm also LOVIN Ur music; really cool, retro smoky Blues/Rock sound with a nice Soul edge! Ur frontwoman Febi Regina has an stunning, smoky voice kinda reminiscent of the legenedary Motown soul divas of the 60s espesh Diano Ross & Etta James, however she also adapts her voice well to Rock, espesh on Ur "Whiter Shade of Pale" cover on which she uses a much rougher, huskier style reminiscent of Joplin! I also love the Hendrix style retro guitars; they create a lovely retro atmopshere which really takes U right back to the 60s & summer of love! I espesh enjoyed "Something" & "The Blues is Killing Me!"”

“Very smooth and true to the classic rock sound . . . Orange Blues Band shines like a many coloured sunset.”

“Solid blues from Indonesia. Keep on making it happen guys!!!”

“Excellent work here with some very fine vocals and great choice of music. Like this band a lot!”

“I absolutely LOVE your version of Something. Never heard it quite like this, and it's amazing! Well done!”

“Love the Joplin-esque vocals on Whiter Shade of Pale Great sounds all round.”

“Awesome band , great vocals! Wish you guys all the best bringing this sound around the world:) It def needs more of it:)”


“Something....what a bluesy, alternative,great and sweet sounding version...love the guitars- voice and back up vocals too.”

“Love them cool Orange Blues soundz! ”

“This is just simply mindblowing!!!”

“Huge thumbs up soul for "You'll Come Back To Me"”

“Lovin' your good old fashioned Bluesy style. Sincerely, Shane”

“Something ~ cool track! All the best from Essex, England ~ Andrew”

“Nice addition to your song list with 'Something'. Play on Orange Blues Band. Cheers everyone - TPK”

“Great to see you here and to hear from you. Playiing Whiter Shade of Pale...what killer guitar playing on this. And who is that singer...damn to do they rock...awesome work guys.”

“Your cover of George Harrison's "Something" is quite moving. Nice guitar work. Cheers. J”

" You Know What " a winner !!

“I love Andra and the Backbone and Dewa19 and the pop metal that comes out of Indonesia but you guys are playing some cool blues. Indo musicians rock”

“'DIA' is sounding killa... play on Orange Blues Band.”

“Whiter Shade of Pale is Fin Brilliant....great stuff guys. The vocals tear this song to shreds, leave it on the floor and make you want more more more. Loving it.”

“Very nice work! Great Groove on "The Blues is Killing me".”

“Wow what a phenomenal cover Whiter Shade of Pale! Great guitar work and vocals! Keep it up!”

“Whiter Shade Of Pale Col Fatamorgana is Sick!!!!!AWESOME,love this version!”

“Nice to see blues is alive and well in Indonesia! You guys do a stellar job. Keep up the great work!”

“Bombastic! Like being in 1972 tripping on Orange Blues”

“Nice blues! Love the singer, remembers me of Janis Joplin. ”

“There are so much Talent on Reverb but You are one of the few unique pleasures worth re- visiting...Rock on!!!!”

“Sounding great on here...bet you sound even better live ...would very much like to hear you!!”

“Forgotten all your Bahasa Indonesia? Then listen carefully, or you will think you are in San Francisco, (circa 1965)...These guys are great!!!!!”

“Loving the Blues is Killing Me... So soulful it hurts...!!”

“I am big blues fan and this is great!!!”

“very cool 'old school' psychedelic sound and feel!”

“You can't get there on the subway...forget the accents...this is Jakarta...INDONESIA!!!”

“Your Guitars are singing !!!! Our outmost respect from Greece !!”

“Orange Blues Band Power Of Truth and Emotions. You Have A Good Blues Sound The Vocals And the Guitar Are Hitting it off. Reminds me of Chuck Berry!This Guy Is Tearing Shit up On Guitar, Febi Regina is So Complicated Hell Yea! F**k Yea! Horns-Up!!!”

“Be sure to have a listen if you land on this page. The first song "The Blues is Killing Me" is as if your listening to late sixties British Blues - Great!”

“We play blues too, but this is the BLUES! Very, very, nice and tasty. Love it”

“Your music is cool and should be played in the House of Blues! :) Keep up the good work!”

“Waking up to Fatamorgana and the leaders of the Indonesian Blues Explosion...you guys are great!”

“Music is ORANGE, and Thunderstorms are disparate hues of Blues...Put them together and you have one hell of a band!”

“Hi guys, "The blues is killing me" reminds me of good old 70's blues! Great!”

“Enjoying your music on the late night, The Blues is killing me is soothing to the ears.. This my jam!”

“It's the wicked Orange Blues Band and we love their blues/rock playing and excellent vocals. Keep the blues alive guys you're a favourite of ours”

“I love blues and I've already reached 60 I am particularly about your version of "Whiter Shade Of Pale", great work ... very hot, very very hot!!!”

“Wow, great sounds. Blues as genre has already some magic, but you finish that! Love it!”

“Just listening to your "live" track". Must be a New Orleans tucked into Indonesia somewhere. You guys have found it!”

“I love your live, jammin' sound, it brings back so many cool memories, and thoughts about all the cool old amps and guits, thank you guys, dont change nuthin'”

“You have some great blues music!”

“I enjoyed listening to your music,like your groove & powerful vocals! Nice tracks.”

“Love the groove on Whiter Shade of Pale. The vocals are reminiscent of Janis. Great job guys!”

“Great Blues!! Febi Regina your vocals are AWESOME!!!!good job!!!”

“I just love your songs "You'll Come Back To Me" is so very well written and super awesome delivery. One a person wants to hear over and over again. Keep up...!!”

“The Blues is Killing Me, and I love it!”

“Great tune Blues is Killing Me! Keep on keeping Live Blues Alive!”

“I'm stuck on your music...You hooked me in...As a musician this is gold in my pocket. If you hook other musicians in then you've done a great job...Very clever songwriting. "You'll come back to me" is a hit!!”

“You had me at Orange + Blues. It's like a citrus fruit that gets left by the wife and kids.”

“The Blues is Killing Me' is sounding great guys... your sound is constantly getting better and better”

“Dig Lonely Blues "GOLD"”

“There is nothing more refreshing than musicians who are thoughtful, careful, and writer music with absolute conviction, passion, and depth. It's all here.”

“very cool cover of Whiter Shade Of Pale ...well done. I also enjoyed the rest of the tunes...luv a good bluesy Rock N roll. All the best,”

“We could listen all day! Great work!”

“Orange Blues Band's brand of rockin' blues... lovely vocals and guitar work!!”

“Orange Blues Band's brand of rockin' blues... lovely vocals and guitar wor”

“something about that classic blues that steals our heart! LONELY BLUES!!”

“Love your song "You'll Come Back To Me" Wow beautiful full sound and amazing voice.”

“You guys can rock the blues and blues the rock! Really good vocal interpretations by Febi! Congrats.”


“Wonderful rendition of 'Whiter Shade Of Pale' ! Gotta that Joplin Blooze vibe with some great guitar!!”

“solid & grooving * Lonely Blues * just GREAT!”

“I went straight to Lonely Blues.....part of my dream!!”

“You guys are one of a kind <> WORLD CLASS <>”

“Orange Blues Band is an AWESOME BLUES BAND * Kau Selalu Ada * shows their scope * much love *”

“Original sound. Nice work!!”

“Is it an apple? Is it a banana? NO, it’s the Orange blues bnnd bringing a basket of delicious tunes for us to sink our teeth in to. So if this is your first visit here press play and take a bite of some juicy music.”

“Great music!! Fantastic! I love it.”

“Really great Blues!! Well done!!”

“I'm really feeling that " You'll Come Back To Me ", I like how it's put together, keep up the hard work.”

“Great unique sound!! Some really sweet guitar riffs. And, the vocals are insanely great!!”


"whiter shade of pale"....great vocal style. rock on!! original sound to a cover!!

“Nice version of "Whiter Shade of Pale"... your vocalist really belts that one out with a passion.”

“Orange Blues Band...talented, tight, passionate blues...love it!!”

“Great Live recording of "Lonely Blues".. you know how to do it!!”

“Awesome rendition of Whiter Shade of Pale!!”

“I have been listening to you play while I work and I must say, it is such amazingly, I'm thoroughly enjoying your wonderful music - really great, professional compositions and such a pleasure to listen to..”

“Oh WOW WOW WOW, loved it, soooo when are you all coming to Ireland for a gig... Well done, vocals are amazing, sound is just as amazing. Have discovered a new love for blues,”

“I am enjoying your tracks, Loved "Whiter shade of Pale"..great performance, love your vocals and electric guitar! Best wishes with your music for 2011”

“Love your Musics, Love Whiter Shade Of Pale is Fabulous!! Such power and emotion!! WOW BRAVO!”

“Very convincing version of "Whiter Shade of Pale"!!”

“Hello , from The Great White North. We were clickin' around and found yer page and liked what we heard. Have Mercy! Great tunage!”

“Kembalilah Kasih...what a killer song !!”

“Hey guys, great stuff! If you are ever in Baton Rouge we'd love to play a show with you!!”

“Love what you guys are doing...keep it up!! Would love to catch your show on the road one of these days!!”

“Well now, well done, I can picture your music in the movies. Perfect vocals and music, Take care and keep on bringing and singing the blues,”

“Coolest version of *Whiter Shade of Pale * I ever heard * love this & thx for your support too! recommended you on my site * love *”

“Flat out fun!! Rock n' Soul - sultry and low - love it!!”

“There sure are some good blues bands in Jakarta! Nice guitar work on "Cuma Aku". Well written song. Hey bartender, beers for the band, on me!!!”

“Cool tunes!! Awesome vibes!!”

“Orange Blues Band Rocks!! Great Sound!!”

“You guys are killer. And I like ur name. Real awesome”

“Props on your version of "Whiter shade of pale"..!!”

“Your music is fantastic and I’m loving these tracks! Sending respect and feeling the luv! Pat Branch in NYC”


“You all are wonderful! Love what you do! Best of Luck to you!!! Jen del rio band”

“WOW, killer sounds!!!”

“Febi, Adrian, Danny & Fatamorgana - its great to hear from you...love you sound, love your soul & your creative reworking of the classic track !!”

“Whiter Shade Of Pale...nice cover, very expressive, well done !!”

“Diggin the groove...!!”

“The vocals and music are killer !!!”

“Great !!! Greater than Great !!”

“A real super sound !!!”

“Hey Orange Blues Band, great songs, love it!!!”

“awesome tracks!!! loving the passion!!”


“CooL sounds and songs !! heart n soul!!”

“Hi ORANGE BLUES, I love your covers and originals Cuma Aku is the stuff!!”

“CooL sounds and songs !! heart n soul!”

“It was a pleasure to have the chance to do collaboration with you guys. You are great musician & your vocalist has an amazing voice. I really enjoy the collaboration... You guys are awesome...!!!”

“lovin your sound!! awesome blues !!!”

“You are keeping the blues alive, great stuff !!!”

“Your music's sounding good...If you ever need production in Boston let me know! In 2010--I've produced, recorded and/or mixed over 100 songs for various artists from Boston to New Orleans and more!!!”


“Amazing music my friend !!!”

“Greetings From Texas..Love Your Blues.."Lonely BLues Live " is the Proof..!!”

“we really enjoyed your music...soulful voices, best wishes and God Bless:) we became a fan too.”


“there's a lot of varieties & composition in "You'll come back to me"... great...!!!”

“checking out you'll come back to me, digging what it is you guys are doing. Solid..!!!”

“Love "The Lonely Blues" Keep it Rockin'..Peace..!!”

“Yess.!! Play Them Blues..!!! Y'All Sound Like Texas..!!”

“Nice Rock On..!! This is the Blues Baby..!!”

"Lonely Blues" has got the top down and is cruising..!! Great Tune..!!

“Now that's what I call "The Blues Deluxe" Keep On Being Juicy Orange Blues Band..!!”

"Love your sound..Love The Lonely Blues"

"You do bring the Blues right on home"

“'love your sound"”

“Cool..Wow..I like your live take..!!”

"Love It..your music is very soothing and I feel like I can just sit back and jam to it after a long day at work, great stuff..keep it up..!!"

"LONELY BLUES" is a terrific track of yours and I become your fan