Orange-1 / Press

“Musical Perfection”

Andrew Austin - RN

“Delius Prime 1 is Imaginative and Soulful. Flawless musical mastery!Bravo....this leaves me wanting to hear more. Your music inspires and reaches into a timelessness of pure genius!”

Caroline Moore, RN

“Music, the vibrations in the air, is the voice of god!”

Ludwig van Beethoven

“Wow! Your music is fantastic!”

Caroline Moore - SF

“To my ears it sounds very much like Tangerine Dream from their filmwork, but no, it´s Orange-1. Brilliant.”

Obi Das - SF

“Love the fantastic imagination in these pieces”

Arrow Down Hill - SF

“Some of the tracks remind me of Bladerunner”

Stillform - SF

“Highest Quality”

Sierra Revival Project - SF