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“Next up is Opus Grey, a fairly straightforward heavy rock group with a few surprises up their collective sleeve. For the most part, their songs tend to be thick, threatening and muddy guitar-driven works that would make for great intro music in any sporting event where people hit each other. This description seems to fit their group identity, too. “Now beware, beware the four-headed snake, poisonous and euphoric,” warns their MySpace bio, “for our names are Mystery, Madness, Groove and Grit.” But, once you get past the image, it quickly becomes obvious that Opus Grey has softer side. This is particularly true on ballad-y tracks like “Bliss,” and on Led Zep-meets-Limp Bizkit song “Sweat.” To start your Opus Grey experience, however, we suggest “Wicker Park,” which is available on the group’s MySpace page.”

“Opus Grey has been writing “engaging rock songs” since 2005. The DIY-ready band self-released a demo in 2007, and has sought a niche in the local scene by playing for crowds who yearn for “authentic, unpretentious and accessible live rock.””

“Arden-based rockers Opus Grey appear to be gearing up for an official release of some kind. The group has offered up three roughly produced tracks (which they’ve charmingly defined as both “raw” and “bloody”) and vaguely alluded to something that might be an upcoming CD, called Megafauna. If this is a hint at an album to come, and if slop-bucket metal is your thing, it’s probably worth visiting the group’s profile page at http://www.MySpace.com/OpusGrey”

“ROCK THE CAUSE benefit CD for Special Olympics was released with a huge release party at the Orange Peel. Several bands from the CD appeared raising more than $3000 just at the show. Mastered by Adam Greenberg and mostly recorded at Whitewater Recording with tracks also recorded at other studios, the CD features songs from By Morning, The Broomstars, Colton Driver, Wilsin, Bugs Multiply, Hollowpoint, Josh Phillips Folk Festival, Velvet Truckstop, Artists of Color, Lake Effekt, Opus Grey, MindShapefist, Consciously Sedated, The Curbfeelers, and Scoot Pittman.”

“Since forming in 2005, Opus Grey has been producing and performing their music under their own label: Drone Recordings. Opus Grey's approach to original songwriting is to start with a basic musical idea, teach it to the other members, expand on it and then finish it. It sounds overly simple; however, the band is lucky enough to have members that can read into what the others are feeling about how the sound should be. Playing locally for the past three years, OG has shared stages with Lamb Handler, The Goodies, Jucifer, MindShapeFist, The Archrivals, Life on the Blue Dot, Dissent, Dead Girl, Blitch and many others in some of the best live-music venues in Asheville. ”

“Want to pick up some great tunes and give money to a great cause? Get your copy of “Rock the Cause,” a compilation featuring songs from 15 WNC bands. The list of featured artists includes By Morning, The Broomstars, Colton Driver, Wilsin, Bugs Multiply, Hollowpoint, Josh Phillips Folk Festival, Velvet Truckstop (pictured), Artist of Color, Lake Effekt, Opus Grey, Mindshapefist, Consciously Sedated, The Curbfeelers and Scoot Pittman. It’s a project between Whitewater Recording Studios and 105.9 The Mountain. You can purchase the CD at Karmasonics in downtown Asheville, The Children’s Trading Post at either the Merrimon Avenue or Airport Road location, or from 105.9 The Mountain. Call 269-9695 or wcandler@saganc.com. For more info, call Adam Greenberg at Whitewater Recording, 684-8284.”

“Wicker Park Band: Opus Grey Genre: Alternative Rock Cool Song The Song sounds great but i think it tooks to long till the Vocals come in. But i really liked the Song. Go one - Freakstyle84 from Austria on 25Nov2007 Long introduction I think these long instrumental introductions can be very effective, it leaves you wondering what's gonna happen; The verse part is quite different from the intro, could be two different songs, and I prefer the verse part in this song. The mood I would describe as dark. - Tassiac from Colchester, Essex, United Kingdom on 24Nov2007 Big Sound I'm not so sure this fits into the Alternative Rock category; however, I do like it a lot. This should be in the Metal section. Killer, fat guitar sound. The vocal track would have sounded better with less efx and more of a real vocal doubling. I can hear what you were going for, but the effect doesn't quite make it happen. Over all, good production. Nice job! - 49Fingers from Unspecified on 24Nov2007”