“Album; 'SERPENT TEMPTATION' (1988 DEBUT ALBUM/THE ORIGINAL) REISSUE 2016 (2016 RELAPSE RECORDS, INC.): "Serpent Temptation is a potent release because it reflects not just a time and a place but it is also infused with a sort of gloriously energy that only the greatest bands have ever been able to invoke. -"Serpent Temptation is a fun listen not only because it's some great fuckin' music, but it feels genuine. There is a very real quality to what the band is doing here and as you hear the manic circle pit inspiring riffing on songs like Incubus (Opprobrium) it's hard to not feel transported back to high school when all that mattered was primitive brutality. This is a band who have always understood the nature of death metal and this is the perfect blast to the past for the twenty first century.”

“Album; BEYOND THE UNKNOWN: 25 YEARS ANNIVERSARY REISSUE 1990 - 2015 (2015): “Beyond The Unknown” was released in an area where superstars of the extreme began tantalizing their local scenes and beyond. There is a strong distinction between the album’s musicianship finesse and level of diversity between the unification of strong Metal forces such as SEPULTURA, SLAYER and DEATH. In matter of speaking, what I witnessed within “Beyond The Unknown” was total onslaught, a pure craze of manic riffery, sheer attacks of brutal speed and distraught vocals, as if the world was tumbling." / "OPPROBRIUM made everything possible for both Thrash and Death Metal find to have their way with a mighty command. There is no dull moment, no breath to spare just to listen carefully to the blood fest slithering into your ears."”

“Album; MANDATORY EVAC (2009): "Opprobrium have reignited a love for death metal in me. They haven't gone to the trouble of adding symphonic elements, or female vocals, or even the bagpipes in order to do something new and unique. Instead they have just stayed true to their style and delivered an awesome death metal release that fans of Metallica, Devildriver, Sepultura or Exodus can all enjoy. If I have to wait another eight years for Opprobrium to come knocking again, then it's an eight years I'm willing to wait for quality like this. ”

“Album; MANDATORY EVAC (2009): "Relentlessly heavy, with venomous vocal work and quality guitar lines, Opprobrium do not deviate too far from the music they already composed in their first years but they do it so well, it sounds nowadays fresh and invigorating. Real death metal with a huge headbangin’ value. ”

“Album; MANDATORY EVAC (2009): "The mayhem initiates with Dark Science - a brooding contextual assault on personal discovery, and free-thinking. Next is - Never Found - a glorious gaze back to the primitive years of supernatural death. The title track - Mandatory Evac - is reminiscent of brutal Incubus suggestions such as - Blaspheming Prophets, Mortify, and Certain Accuracy. The CD ends with the scornful - Sick Of This - a rippin' genocidal tirade which forces me to just hit play again on my CD player (yeah, I still play CDs!), ensuring that the massacre is reborn. ”

“Album; MANDATORY EVAC (2009): "The main thing is that this is a seriously kick ass death metal album, one that should be listened to in its entirety. We just started 2009 but for now ‘Mandatory Evac’ is hands down the best death metal album this year! ”