Opposite Box / Press

“Following RJD2’s performance, the sousaphonist and trombonist of Opposite Box led the crowd from the Cumulus Stage to the Stratus Stage with a horn-ified version of “Hey Baby”. Opposite Box was our new find for this festival, and what a delightful find they were. Check out the tracks below for a taste of their sound, which seemingly aims to blend as many genres as possible into one coherent song: (link to music files)”

“Opposite Box, whose name is growing in the festival circuit, really packed the dance floor with their experimental sounds. These Chattanooga natives kept everyone engaged with eye candy and interaction with the crowd as everyone circled to watch the trombone jam sesh.”

"Sorta like the girl that's in most guys past... you know the one that was on psychotropic drugs prescribed by her "doctor", you just never knew what you were going to get on any given day. Opposite Box is just that, from song to song, you may get metal mixed with funk,jazz lines mixed with beat boxing, punk with glam.... too much for my little brain to handle on one listen ... The bass and lead guitar lines are killer metal tinged screamers,the horns do nothing to take away from the power of the rhythm section and the vocals swing freely from funk to hard rock,to metal, kinda like old Mike Patton's vocals were in his prime."

Michael Rys - www.punkglobe.com

"This southern six-piece ... has mashed the likes of metal riffing, jazz brass sections and manic vocals together to form a hearty goulash of sweat-soaked bad-assery the likes of which no one has seen in a while. Their first full-length, Silly and Infantile is the cure to the world’s Twilight ailments of tragedy and overtly emotional men."

Cpt. Morgan - mental-pirate.blogspot.com

"I haven’t heard a bad thing about these guys. They are fun and energetic, one would even say theatrical as much as musical. Staying involved with the audience, this band is the perfect party band. Pop-funk-alternative vibes allow the trombone and bass to work together in order to keep everyone in the room shakin’ ... You can also check out their track with Nappy Roots on their Facebook page."

Tara Villand - Chattanooga Pulse

"But yeah, you should check Opposite Box out if you haven't yet. They're one of the coolest things out of Tennessee."

"They have layers of thrash, reggae, blues, punk, hard rock, and maybe even a few things we’ve never heard before. They really get the audience pumped with aggressive yet fun beats."

"The alt rockers whose influences are all over the place are guaranteed to make you smile, if not shake your head."

Dave Weinthal - Enigma Magazine