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“What this means for the listener is you’ll often get quick hitting time signature manipulation maneuvers that propel the next passage of the song in diverse directions. Check out “Rites of Passage”- keyboards straight from the Styx pomp rock heydays sit next to nifty cymbal to snare/ bass drum hits that would make Neil Peart proud- while the follow up “Echoes of the Soul” just bursts with this heavy Morse Code-like guitar/bass attack right out of the gate before transforming into a lighter, atmospheric passage more in line with Yes. The closing 9:52 “The Fallen Opera” (divided into three acts subtitled ‘Lust’, ‘Neglect’, and ‘Remorse’) gives the quartet of musicians the best chance to flex their instrumental muscles, incorporating a series of neo-classical arpeggio-laced guitar breaks, fluid drumming from Kevin Deplanche and a number of atmospheres. Opposing Motion appears to have a good grasp of injecting the right amount of hooks amidst their progressive vol”

“Laws Of Motion is a gripping introduction to the songs of this capable four piece metal group, and the fact that this band have been signed to Lion Music who also have great groups with a reputation for quality progressive music like Sun Caged and Seventh Wonder on their roster has to speak volumes. ”

“Mais surtout le quatuor développe une musique où chacun s’exprime. Les guitares sont mises en avant bien sûr, avec des parties variées et souvent originales, mais on a le plaisir de beaucoup entendre la basse (là aussi avec un jeu très large). Et bien sûr, la batterie se taille sa part avec des parties techniques nombreuses. Visiblement, la rythmique est ici une entreprise familiale ! Opposing Motion développe avec cet album un univers qui lui est propre. Car s’il y a de la variété dans l’ensemble, on ressent la patte du groupe. Et même s'il y a des claviers et une impression orchestral, c'est le côté guitares qui ressort vraiment, au final. L'album est cependant un peu gentil par moment....Au final, Laws of Motion est un album technique et exigeant, regorgeant de bonnes idées et de mélodies. Ménageant des parties très accrocheuses d’un côté et techniques de l’autre, il ne tombe jamais dans le piège d’une musique froide et désincarnée. 15/20”

“Although the U.K. has been chock full of influential Metal and Hard Rock bands over the last 5 decades, how many successful British Progressive Metal acts can you name? Opposing Motion is a band hoping to influence that question’s answer, and Laws Of Motion is their debut LP. As with many Prog bands, the musicianship offered is excellent, and Opposing Motion includes varied forms of Rock and Metal intertwined within the album’s 8 tracks... Prog enthusiasts should put Laws Of Motion on the short list to checkout!”

“Lion Music never disappoints. Well, almost never, but definitely not in the case of Opposing Motion... far from it....The strongest point of this album is most definitely the careful balance between technique and melody , never proving too much in one direction or another, presenting a mix of tracks technically complex, such as the central "Rites of Passage", while some songs are purposely more quiet and emotional, such as the ballad "Las Lagrimas del Diablo" or the title track "Laws of Motion"...Demonstrating a very strong prog debut ; the nuances that make "Laws of Motion" are definitely not to be underestimated!”

““Laws of Motion” is an excellent work, musicians have done a great work and created a real jewel. All fans of Progressive Power Metal must have it! 9/10”

“With attention to both strong melodies and technical skill, Opposing Motion has created a rather dense album of prog metal. Most of this comes from the layers of riffage, but also the synth created orchestral layer. Yet within this are moments of delicateness often from piano as within Forever's Edge or Labyrinth of Mirrors.....All in all, Laws of Motion is creative album and a worthy effort from Opposing Motion. Highly Recommended: 4/5.”

“The men worked on this full album for the whole three years and that is clearly audible. The sound is full, powerful and swirling melodic. Fates Warning, Symphony X, Crimson Glory, Royal Hunt are the credentials that the band mentions themselves and yes, I can agree with that.....Good quality on the Lion Music is common, but Opposing Motion is one of the better bands in my opinion because this band shows a daring spirit. 87/100”

“VITRY-LE-FRANCOIS (Marne). Quand il ne conseille pas un bon bouquin dans la librairie où il travaille à Vitry, Ludovic De Sa est le chanteur d'Opposing Motion. Un groupe de métal progressif franco-anglais, qui va sortir son premier album en mai prochain....”

"very well executed 7.5/10"

Heavy Sound (France)

"Fans of Dream Theater and Yngwie Malmsteen will enjoy this"

Metal Team UK

"Technical brilliance, the way I like it"

Louise Brown-Terrorizer Magazine

"A truly masterful bit of progressive metal...these guys are the real deal - 4.5 stars"

Sea of Tranquility

"this is a real treat - four stars"

Zero Tolerance Magazine

“Guitar virtuosity combines with Huge, Euro-Friendly melodies and more gung ho than a Sabaton Call of Duty Party”

Terrorizer Magazine

"an unwaveringly proficient prog outfit"

Powerplay Magazine

"This is a band committed to the art...a progressive power metal epic"

Classic Rock Presents Prog Magazine