Opium Symphony / Press

"Blame It on the Radio boasts 13 tracks and clocks in at a whopping 70 minutes. It’s a sprawling rock record, the kind you seldom hear these days. Cuts such as “Deaf Radio,” “Jukebox Junkie” and “Like Pennies You Had Me Wishing in the End” define the album as a riff-filled, raucous ride through energetic rock."

“Good Tune[Stars and Stripes]”

Indie 104 Los Angeles

“...this band is a hot commodity. Check them out! ”

Brianna Peterson - TWU Lasso

“I bloody dig OS!”

Dan Harris - Soupy Gato Show

“The hottest band out of Dallas in years! ”

Chaz - KEYJ ROCK 108(107.9)

“Dude...God or Money rocks!!! Love it! ”

Alan Ayo - Alan Ayo(102.1 The EDGE)

“ [the opium symphony is]"perfect epitaph for a night of wanting-to-hear-something-new fever". Harder Beat describes the songs as "electrifying" "The band sounds raw, yet polished", according to the article, and "kudos" for a "well-received" set. ”

Lee Herrera - HARDER BEAT June 2007. Vol.15. Issue 159

“As soon as Opium Symphony took the stage, it was obvious this was not your average rock band. The complex music was full of unusual twists and turns that was not easily anticipated. ”

Keith Ludwick - DFW Noise