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“There’s so much to like here. This is a band that proves their worth without ever playing, or pandering, like they need to prove themselves. It’s an important distinction. They’ll win many listeners over with ease and any stragglers will prove easy to convince. Intelligence, humor, and charm radiate from Oogee Wawa”

“Even though this type of music isn’t quite my cup of tea, I still found myself hooked and at times playing some of the tracks several times in a row. I think that says a lot whenever you are enraptured by a band that plays outside of your comfort zone. Oogee Wawa is perfect music to wind down the summer”

Montey Zike - Band Blurb

“These guys handle their vocals like The Beatles would by allowing each member to have input on the harmonies”

Cyrus Rhodes - Band Blurb

“One of the band’s biggest strengths is their ability to combine electric and stripped down arrangements into a cohesive sound that’s part rock, part reggae and part ska. This hydra-headed musical attack makes the band experimental and straightforward in a single breathe”

Cyrus Rhodes - Band Blurb

“The sound here is highly melodic but edgy and aggressive when you least expect it. It has elegance and streets smarts, which makes for a muscular vibe from the first note to the last.”

“For the most part, Oogee Wawa is known for their outspoken lyrics. Not only is it possible for their listeners to relate to the band’s various messages and tales, but one can hear uniqueness in their music”

"Oogee Wawa’s sound is a breath of fresh air for a genre crowded with cliché rhythms and subject matter. There’s an energy present that’s rarely heard on reggae albums"

“Long Island sensation Oogee Wawa consists of four radical dudes who are much more than your average rockers. This band of bartenders and beach bums removes you from your musical comfort zone with a sound that mimics that of Sublime and Matisyahu with enough originality that will keep you coming back for more.But before they were on the road touring, they were hard at work preparing for national flair bartending competitions. Their new album, “Ride Waves,” is currently available on iTunes and at all Oogee Wawa shows, which have recently spanned from New York to Florida. Check your inhibitions at the door, and let these rockers into your heart.”

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“The final act and the winner of the night was Oogee Wawa. They brought a party to the stage. I would describe them is a fun loving jam band. Watching them perform and seeing how they interact with the audience. It's no surprise why they have such a loving fan base. Their motto must be Just Have Some Fun.”

"Oogee Wawa is not just a great hip-hop band, they are a lot of fun. Kinda like a mix between the Beastie Boys and the Roots with a surfer-reggae twist, Oogee Wawa are a true hip-hop surfer band"

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“02-08-2013 | By Arena Staff: If The Dirty Heads, Sublime, and Shwayze had a baby, their offspring might sound a little like Long Island reggae/rock/hip-hop hybrid Oogee Wawa. Oogee Wawa hail from an island that's a part of New York, but they completely embrace west coast beach culture. This is slightly less surprising after one learns the band is made up of surfers. The name Oogee Wawa is derived from the Zulu term that loosely translated means "cheers," or "to party." This is incredibly appropriate as the group's latest album, Ride Waves, would make for the perfect soundtrack to an evening bonfire gathering at your favorite beach. On Ride Waves, Oogee Wawa get you up and dancing right away with "Summertime Trends," and as the albums move forward, you'll almost be able to feel sand in-between your toes. With songs about the beach, drinking, smoking a little herb, and making a little love, "Good Time Junkie," which is smack dab in the middle of the album, is the perfect description”

“While some bands have a higher calling in life, there are others who just wanna party. Long Island-based Oogee Wawa fall into the latter category. This hip-hop, surf-rock, reggae combo is actually an assemblage of surfers, bartenders and other local dudes who are basically out to have a good time. But when you hear their catchy fusion of rock and surf hop, you may find yourself wanting to party right along with them. Oogee Wawa is fronted by rapper Jesse Lee and singer/guitarist J.P. Rhythm. The duo is backed by Johnny Lewis on lead guitar, The Chad on Bass and Nick L on drums. Check out Oogee Wawa’s entertaining video clip for “Pass Me a Drink.””

“Oogee Wawa is not your average band from Long Island, these beach rats have a heavy west coast feel and encourage the desire to party. Mixing different influences and styles, they have managed to create a sound like no-other. Oogee’s Hip-hop Surf Rock style has driven them to new heights. Oogee has been selected as one of the 20 bands representing the East Coast in this years (2012) Indie Music Fest held in Las Vegas NV. Their “Beachside Hangover EP” received a 3.75 out of a possible 4.0 from I Am Entertainment Magazine along with a wonderful write up. They have been invited on countless mixtapes and compilation cd’s in last couple of months. Oogee Wawa is a hard working band that won’t let their dreams and love for music slip away. If you haven t seen them live, you need to. Their stage performance will blow you away. If you enjoy feel good music, catchy hooks, rhythmic delivery this is the band for you. ”