“ In fact, with “Sounds of Violence,” ONSLAUGHT for the first time has a consistent sound. Their first four albums were so different that it was hard to establish what ONSLAUGHT’s “real” style was, although most fans up until this point would have probably picked the thrash of “The Force.” However, this is the same line-up that recorded “Killing Peace” aside from new guitarist Andy Rosser-Davies (a definite plus) and the sound is similar as well, only improved. The only two out-right thrashers sandwich the album, both “Born for War” and “Suicideology” have blazing riffs and tempo changes and should leave fans, old and new, satisfied. "EXCELLENT"”

“a Masterpiece 15/15 Legacy #70”

“A giant birdie finger to welcome the New Year, thrash fans and extreme metal devotees shouldn't miss Sounds of Violence. 5/5”

“Verdammt und Zugenäht! Wenn ihr das neue Eisen von Onslaught in Eure Player schiebt, solltet Ihr mit allem rechnen! Wenn einem der Opener „Born For War“ aus den Boxen um die Ohren gehauen wird, beginnt die wilde Achterbahnfahrt in die Welt des Thrash, wie ich sie schon lange nicht mehr erlebt habe. Feinstes Old-School Geballer auf ganzer Strecke. Nix mit Nu-Metal meets irgendwas anderes. Keine Growl und Clean Vocals Abwechslungen. Kurz: kein Schicki-Micki. Der Rundling knallt so dermaßen und auch die Songs, bei denen das Gaspedal mal nicht voll durchgedrückt werden („The Sound Of Violence“, „Code Black“ ) passen perfekt in die Stimmung. Der Sound ist den Jungs um Nige Rockett von Producer Jacob Hansen (u.a. Volbeat, Maroon, Heaven Shall Burn) auf den Leib geschnitten worden. Wie ich bereits erwähnte: keine überproduzierte, sterile Speed-Orgie, sondern ein Hassbatzen, bei dem man die Herkunft der Jungs quasi schmecken kann. Meine Anspieltips: „Born For War“ und”

“Onslaught have managed to create a truly classic thrash album twenty years after the genre was meant to have been killed off. Attention to modern production standards and surgical precision in their playing and writing, coupled with a tangible desire to show that they still deserve to be contenders have resulted in a collection of songs that not only stand up to their already-impressive legacy, but in fact build on it. 4,5/5”

"The recording quality is excellent, everything is crystal clear and balanced and plenty of newer songs makes it more interesting than a simple greatest hits set."

"The sound on the whole album is probably directly from the console and is very good, capturing the live essence of this band perfectly. All songs are masterfully executed and sound as good as always." 80/100

“I drink to "Live Damnation"’s value, for all thrashers concerned, since ONSLAUGHT is a band that still "has it" and the members’ performance can be compared to a steamroller assault. Rating: AMAZING! 4,5/5,0”

“UK Thrashers - Onslaught - are releasing a live CD , taken from the Damnation Festival in Leeds , UK in 2008. The band has made a great recording and they are releasing this live album through Candlelight Records. 8,5/10”

“This live recording, that was recorded, last year, contains some diamonds from their early years, but also some fragments of what's expecting us, with their new release through Candlelight Records. 9/10”