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OnPlanetZu / Press

“Listen to the flow and rhythm…the words…the pacing…the tone…the EVERYTHING about the verse from about fifty-seconds to a-minute-twenty…it’s STELLAR. I love absolutely every second that ticks by in this thirty-seconds of brilliance cleverly disguised into this aggressive dance-rhythm…and you’ll get another dose before two-minutes-twenty with another verse that packs another half-minute wall-to-wall with charisma, precision & a seriously flashy-style that OnPlanetZu owns with confidence. [My Kind of Party]”

“…there’s some superior potential here really…those verses really indicate some strong, strong writing in this project and I’d love to hear OnPlanetZu go on to really play to those strengths in the future. [My Kind of Party]”

“Such A Dope Track, You Have A Very Unique Sound, I really like the Production & Arrangement on this track a lot...keep up the good work, and I look forward to hearing more from you...[My Kind of Party]”

“OnPlanetZu Challenges Himself To Progress As An Artist - “I write with the drive to always outdo myself in the songs I’ve released previously. It is a challenge to constantly be improving and stretching the creative boundaries.””

“OnPlanetZu’s music crosses into reggae; electronic; dubstep… and many more genres you were probably not suspecting they could match together.”

“Be ready, OnPlanetZu is going to take over Hollywood dance floors!”

“Hip Hop Lives OnPlanetZu! OnPlanetZu is the natural evolution of HIP HOP. If the art form was never tampered with, He'd be the full growth/expression of the music itself. His un-apologetic approach to music crosses several genres and, reminds me of my favorite artists past like ODB, Busta Rhymes, Chuck D, KRS1”

“Such A Great track, You have A Really Cool Sound. Very Funky, and Good Vibes all around on [My Kind of Party]. I'm Digging the Hook A Lot on this one, Also I love the production on this track, well done...I look forward to hearing more from you in the Future.”

“'Speakers' has steadily decimated the hi-fi hardware of dubstep fans all over the world, but we don't hear anyone complaining - or much of anything at all - we're deaf from blasting this def track ourselves.”

“...if you bring a new gun to the range, you better have the best bullets chambered. And Zu does not fail to come supplied. 'Speakers' is singularly capable of chewing up woofers and weak musicians, and woe betide anyone caught shambling for safety in the path of its monumental sound.”

“'Speakers' shoves frayed samples through the amp like logs into a wood-chipper, running reckless over would-be competitors to party prominence.'”

“The up side your head immersive groove on " Fire " is my favorite slice on this mad scientist approach to 21st century hip hop dub step supa funk!”

"Bass America" would make Busta Rhymes put the mic down and wait by the stage door for an autograph.

““Adventures of Yo Mama” is a hyperactive album that demands to be played at the fullest volume possible...OnPlanetZu’s delivery matched up nicely with the chaotic electronic elements that include pitch shifts, jerky rhythms, and a satisfying bass line... Extreme distortion defines “Bass America” which serves as one of the highlights of the album and a particularly excellent example of how to effectively drop the bass.”

“Blending dubstep, rock, and hip-hop effortlessly, OnPlanetZu incorporates modern sounds while adhering to classic rock and hip-hop conventions.”

“Darcy Donavan's "SupaBad Remix" featuring A. Tone Da Priest and OnPlanetZu is a EDM-infused pop high-energy collaboration brought together by Super Producer, GALILEE, that is a mega-hit, club, summer anthem, that will have you dancing all night long.”

“OnPlanetZu is the product of musical evolution and a testament to creativity. A refusal to remain constant makes the music of OnPlanetZu one of the most diverse groups on the current hip-hop landscape.”

“If you were backstage with OnPlanetZu, you would see Some hyper crazy dudes in costumes and a whole lot of dreadlocks”

“with MC and songwriter Zu demanding you listen and turn it up. It’s like Run DMC for the A.D.D. generation, good times are going to be had, damnit, so you better get on board!”

“OnPlanetZu is creating a scene all their own in LA, delivering high energy dubstep mixed with punk and hiphop. With a new single “Speakers” out and gaining an onslaught of new fans daily, OnPlanetZu is one of those rare acts that you just can’t help but rock out to, tap your foot or raise a metal fist”

“Video of the Week! “Speakers” Transcends Rap Music and Hip-hop Culture to a True Art Form, 5.0 out of 5”

“Not many bands get as much recognition as they deserve. OnPlanetZu is certainly one of those. The band members come across as humble and uncontaminated, which probably allows them to create such amazing music. The track, “Speakers”, definitely displays that quality. All around greatness; a must buy!”

“if you’re just standing there craving for something potent to come along and hit your boring music life between the eyes, then experience OnPlanetZu’s approach to musical joy, it’s a whole new listening pleasure for the open minded individual.”

“If you’re looking for a band that’s not afraid to challenge the technical and stylistic boundaries of heavy music and hiphop, then you’re in the right place. Far from being simplistic and testosterone-laden, OnPlanetZu’s musical infusions are intelligent, innovative, and unpredictable.”

“... my new song "SupaBad (Ultrabad Remix)" hit the #9 spot on iTunes Electronic Charts yesterday. Yayyyyyy!! Thank you sooooo much for all of your support...I hope you'll all continue to spread the word. THANK YOU, THANK YOU:):) Love you all, Darcy”

Darcy Donnovan - email message

“I doubt there is any other band out there now, that has the ability to mix hip-hop, hardcore, dubstep, punk and rock, as smooth as these guys. They display an admirable disregard for what virtually every other band on the planet is doing. These guys clearly aren’t concerned with the restrictions of genre.”

“OnPlanetZu’s track “Speakers” transcends Rap music and Hip-hop culture to a true art form. It is pure brilliance. For people who love original music this is perfect. Combining the best elements of rock, punk, hip-hop and dubstep fusion, they create incredible music. And they are excellent at all styles!”

"Skrillex Meets Busta Rhymes"

"...Dub Step merged with Hip Hop, Reggae, Lyricism and Punk Rock. OPZ live performances are hype, witty, in-your-face energy, entertaining, and often include live musicians as well. Their first full length album will be released [4/28/2014] and will include collaborations with a number of talented artists."

“Working on a new e.p. right now as GALILEE. Already it's getting some attention and filled with guest artists as an electrohop crossover release tentatively titled "The Dope Fiction". Guests include legendary hiphop guru C.L. Smooth, Zu [OnPlanetZu, Bazerk], 2 Tallin', Verce, Emaximus, Tee Munny, SUPA, Mike V, Jay Storm, I.N.X, Filthy J, A. Tone Da Priest and more. The e.p. will drop in time for Christmas worldwide on VOD Recordings. The single "Get Your Money Right" will also be included on this release. stay tuned for more info...”

“...This song has a energetic rock feel to it and the lyrics keep you on the edge of your toes! Definitely a potential hit. I could see it being used in a video game... Song: "Speakers"”

"Skrillex Meets Busta Rhymes"

“This band blew my mind right out my ears. Now in my deafened state I'm telling you about the lyrical sass, rhyming sassafrass, breaking down barriers like glass, kick you in the teeth sound... Great stuff check em out and give them some support."”

“THANK YOU for coming out to celebrate the Cleopatra Records presents Halloween Black Friday show. It was a success! More to come soon. Thanks Roberto Ocampo , Roberto's Club, Eva O, and killer performances by Zu Tha GreatOne, Ella G'Sell, Joe Cordero aka Dj Loup De Mer , BLACKBURNER, Dawn Of Ashes (Official) and special guest Nero of Psyclon Nine YOU ALL ROCK! ”