"With a dazzling burst of emotion, this power trio with artist styles ranging from David Sanborn and Santana to Phish, can relax you as well as excite. Brilliantly formed compositions of progressive jazz, rock and new age, leaves the listener entertained and amazed."

"Quite simply, OnOffOn's 'Your Mind' is perhaps one of the most important CD releases in recent years to have completely overwhelmed its audience with its progressive and forward thinking amalgamations of Jazz, Rock, Blues, Funk, and imminently purveyed head-space entertainment value."

"They really have to be heard to be understood and you can’t say that about very many bands today. Let’s just say that they’re not only interesting, ground-breaking, and original, but they’re also visionaries."

" Your Mind is jazzier and more rhythmically complex than the band's debut Surrender Now. In fact, some tracks bring to mind the latest incarnation of King Crimson, my all-time favorite prog-rock outfit."

"Studio City bassist Von Babasin recently received the New York Foundation for the Arts Fiscal Artist Sponsorship. The fiscal artist sponsorship by NYFA is specifically for the production of a documentary film about Harry's [his father's] life and contributions to west coast jazz history."

"i have already done a review on this album but im sorry i didn't write what i should have and that is wonderful talented impeccable playing bunch of the highest extraordinaire tremendous musicians that as blown me away. this for me is a master peace of brilliant music."

"To my mind, one of the undoubted stars of this new age, happens to be also one of the most talented, individualistic and thrilling groups on the internet: OnOffOn"

"The introducing title track are among the most vicious and weirdest tracks I've ever heard. It's as if you take five or why not twenty insane jazz rockers and put them in a hole. Starve them till a close death and then give them their instruments. What happens...? OnOffOn, "Your Mind"."

"All in all, one cannot go wrong by checking out ONOFFON. In fact, I would stand to believe that letting this one slip through your fingers would be a mistake you'd learn to regret. Beautiful music does exist, and people are still making it..."

"Honestly, there's no reason why ONOFFON shouldn't be at the top of any chart, not just the indie charts."