Merkabah 13 / Press

"One of the greatest beats on Lil B’s magnum opus God’s Father mixtape, as I mentioned in March, was “Flowers Rise,” which samples the ethereal save screen song of the video game Ico. A few months after I posted the tape, I got an email from a producer named Merkabah 13 thanking me—he did “Flowers Rise,” and said that he’d just learned Lil B used the beat, “Partly because I exiled myself from the world and was determined to improve my guitar and keyboard skills and raise my consciousness.” Now he’s got a proper hour-long release, entitled 90 Percent of 13, streaming below in its meditative entirety. Like “Flowers Rise,” whose instrumental is included, the songs often evoke the nonspaces of adventure games—the little pond outside the village where some designer has lovingly crafted realistic koi. Light some candles, take a listen below and buy the EP on iTunes."