Terry Logan / Press

“Jazz is not about the barrage of notes one can play, it should be about the musical conversation you are having with your listeners; like weaving the melodic musical notes into your moment of emotional expression.”

“CD Title: Classified Leaks Produced by: CovertJazzconcepts Music-In Association with DOES Concept Co. Toronto Recorded: in Toronto, Canada, LIVE @ Easy and The Fifth, October 28-2002 Recorded by: Terry Logan, on location Arrangements by: Terry Logan e-mail: oneterrylogan.com “Code Name Top Secret,” the title song of this project is slated for release this year. This trio of, drums, bass, piano, produces jazz that will simply floor you with the remarkably intense sound of his concepts. Rhythm concepts, melodic choice of phrases, and bottom line intensity, there is only one Terry Logan. “Classified Leaks” is the first of (2) CD’s designated for release on the new Independent COVERTJAZZ label with six originals works like CodeNameTopSecret “The Year After,” “Just Now Barack’O,” “Intensity,” “What R-U Looking At” “Be Mine” (you and me), Boredom doesn’t stand a ghost of a chance.”