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One Soul Thrust / Press

"...OK, I know, know. I keep going on about this Canadian rock band but I can't help it if they're really good can I?...And they look like they're having so much fun with the song..."

"... So what do we have? This album as already mentioned is being released in two parts each holding up against the other. Part one is six tracks of the eleven recorded, and I guarantee after hearing the first you will buy the second, because One Soul Thrust have just got better and better..."

"Great vocals (LOOOOVE the initial scream, which portends all the incredible vocals to follow), deliciously mesmerizing grooves, stellar guitar solos (OMG Jag, no wonder she loves you) ... best 1ST yet and the best way to make the highway to anywhere seem like a short, energizing ride!"

Judy Rodman - Judy Rodman Reviews

“There are only three (non classical) female singing voices that I actively enjoy listening to. Salem Jones from One Soul Thrust is one of them (the other two being Annie Lennox and Chrissie Hynde in case you’re interested). The rest I find lack projection and richness, missing character and clarity in melodic songs and going screechy when they actually try for power. Salem has both vocal power and range and a rich, characterful clarity so I was overjoyed when I heard that a new One Soul Thrust album was coming out.... Hold on. Who? What do you mean you’ve never heard of them?! OK, not many have on this side of the water as they are “one of Canada’s best kept secrets”. I discovered them thanks to Twitter several years ago, around the time of their second album release, and have been following their progress ever since. One Soul Thrust describe themselves as a “purist original rock band”. Their sound is, well, incredible. Classic rock with a 21st century twist.”

"Wow! You guys never cease to amaze! It's meant to be heard loud. So from the first note, my Sennheisers rumbled like a jet engine, spooled-up for take-off. They shook my head! ha ha I love the performance. The bass lead, the guitar and the soulful vocals... It's a masterwork. "- M. Moore on the single Chambers Of Truth, released Jan. 28, 2016

"Salem Jones is an artist that is amazing to watch and listen to. She is beautiful, ranks at the top of one of the best female performers I’ve ever seen and is a seasoned musician, and a force to be recognized and praised for her unique vocal style and range. On the band’s video for the song “Drivin'” created in support of Edgar’s Gift, a UK charity that offers inspiration and experiences to cancer fighters aged 18-30, you will experience a polished performance that’s a breath of fresh air and well separated from mainstream rock. Get ready for emotion that Salem pours into her lyrics and performance. You won’t find any out there like her, she’s one of a kind..."

"You have Soul in your name, in your writing, in your vocals and in your guitars... Your music screams like a Ferrari, outta control! It's rich and it's goooood, man!" -The legendary Michael Moore, in correspondence with One Soul Thrust's singer/songwriter, Salem Jones.

"Out of the Canadian city of Edmonton comes the female fronted band ONE SOUL THRUST. This band features a truly amazing lead singer called SALEM JONES, who sounds as good as ANN WILSON of HEART. The music of ONE SOUL THRUST is slightly heavier, more akin to a rockier HEART circa “Barracuda”, so heavy Bluesrock with however a Melodic Hardrock approach. Opener “We gotta change” is a nice groovy Hardrock tune, but following track “Drivin” is a really awesome uptempo Melodic Rocker with a rather catchy chorus and a great guitarsolo by JAG MOLLERUP. In total 12 tracks are included and I am quite convinced that this ONE SOUL THRUST might have a big break someday soon, because if you have such a great singer in your line-up, then you simply can not go wrong, especially when you are backed up by a strong guitarplayer and a tight rhythm section...."

“Some quotes from My Dad Rocks interview with Salem: "Some of that story is personal and will always stay within the locked archives of the band but there were also some weird movie-of-the-week shenanigans occurring at the time I can mention..." "...often albums emerge with some conceptual thread. As trite as it sounds, these things unveil themselves, and K1K seemed to have its own agenda from the start. It was a tiger ride for sure from cradle to grave...for the good of yourself and everyone around you; shed the old and negative. Even 'No' which is kind of a pop thing, has a message: 'I've got livin’ to do. Gonna do it with or without you.'..." "If an artist approaches their work with honour and respect, always treating it like they’re walking on sacred ground when they pursue it then they’ll always be relevant." ”

“So does 'Know One Knows' stand up to the hype and expectation set by their debut? **** yeah! The band appears to have grown up somewhat, the production's sharper, everyone seems more confident, once again standing out front is that voice. In every decade there's a classic female vocalist, think Janis Joplin, think Ann Wilson think Geoff Tate (oops, sorry to include him but there's definitely a hint of his style and sound going on with Salem) they all have voices that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Having to pick stand out tracks is always difficult on such a strong album...So for me right now it's probably 'We Gotta Change' (given away as a free download) plus 'Laughin All the Way To Heaven'. However I'm also in love with their take on Heart's 'Magic Man' as I loved the original but this is actually an improvement, before I forget 'Meaning To Life' and the album closer 'Symbols' where you get the full in your face vocal range of Salem- also colossal tracks. ”

“Salem Jones, Sängerin der Band mit dem programmatischen Namen ONE SOUL THRUST (1ST) und ihre Mannen bzw. neuerdings Girl (Anna am Bass) werfen ihre nächste Veröffentlichung unters Volk, und zwar wie einen massiven Steinblock. Man muss das exaltierte Markenzeichen 1STs allerdings mögen, diese Mischung aus Frank'n'Furter Tim Curry und Nina Hagen, und ohne ihre Band und deren massiven Rhythmusfundament könnte Salme ihre Vokalextravaganzen auch gar nicht ausleben. Aber sie hat nun mal Guitarman Jag im Rücken, und dessen Rhythmusgitarrenspiel würde wohl einem Keith Richards gefallen, wenn der nicht nach seinem Plumps von der Palme noch daneben wäre. Fest und knackig wo nötig, und soloistisch verfügbar wann immer es ein darf - natürlich: neben eine Salem noch Platz zu finden für eine weiteres Solo Instrument ist schon eine Kunst. Er schafft das trotzdem. ”

“I've been a musician since I was a kid. So were my parents. I could tell you a hundred "gig from hell" stories. Let's just say that they all come down to some combination of: a twisted promoter, substance abuse on someone's part, greed or weather. I've experienced all of those challenges but let me tell you one...Hell is not hot. It's cold... ”

“What Michael Moore from moorehits.com has to say about 1ST: "You clearly bring conviction & originality....unique phrasing & emphasis treatments...your music kicks my butt!" And about the upcoming cd: "Brilliant original song. Bravo." And about a cover of Magic Man by Heart from that disc: "WOWWWWW!!!!!! YOUR VERSION KILLS IT!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!" Michael Moore has taken more than 140 songs to #1. (And he has actually worked with Heart.) He has promoted 70 Gold & Platinum album's including Michael Jackson's Thriller & Ozzy's Bark At The Moon. He's credited with discovering Stevie Ray Vaughn. He's also the nicest guy you'll ever meet. For more info about Michael click the url below.”

“A Voice Like Ambrosia and Red Bull by Andrew C. Paul- You won’t find drugs if you hang around Edmonton’s Salem Jones, but you’ll definitely find a lot of rock n’ roll. “We’ve had managers that pretty much called us anti-rock stars. We’re into health and fitness and meditation and the sunrise,” laughs the frontwoman of local rock quartet One Soul Thrust. “I learned in my very first tour starting out as a teenager that you simply can’t live that life style and do your job and there’s absolutely nothing in the world that gets you higher than playing a rock show.” Jones will get her next hit of performance adrenaline this Saturday....”

“Here's what mastering engineer extraordinaire Michael Voss has to say: "very interesting music and oustanding performances)))))cooooliooo))))" Michael Voss mastered the new 1ST CD after returning from tourrng with Michael Schenker, Uli Jon Roth & Leslie West in support of Black Country Communion. Michael has successfully run the gamut of the indsutry and has co-written with writers credited to artists like Shania Twain, Ken Tamplin (Kiss), Susanna Hoff (The Bangles), Belinda Carlisle, Russ Ballard. ”

1ST Newsflash

“...says ONE SOUL THRUST's lead vocalist Salem Jones “While I question the exact precision of these numbers... it appears they reflect a strong enough version of reality to bring a serious issue to light"...”

“I have been listening to your cd all weekend. Oh my gosh I LOVE the musicality artistry & creativity of you & your band's heart- it's masterfully musical. From the duet you did with Hughes to the mesmerizing slide intro to "Get Away From My Door" your music is like mahogany & chocolate cake with nuts all rolled up into a big fat drum track decorated with vocal octaves to die for. Not to mention some of the chord progressions fry me in a very good way... ”

"Das geht - und alles, was ich in Zukunft höre, wird erst mal hier dran gemessen." translation: he hears and has hope for the future of classic rock in and with 1ST...Was zeichnet 1ST aus? Zuerst einmal eine Sängerin mit einem exaltierten Gesangsstil, die mühelos über mehrere Oktaven herrscht und noch den durchschnittlichsten Song veredelt - Salem Jones is queen! Dann die Band an sich, die kompetent agiert, wobei das eine ziemlich dürftige Beschreibung ist, es aber trifft. Da kann man einfach nur mit großem Vergnügen zuhören. Das Songwriting ist - bis auf zwei eher mäßige Songs zum Ende hin - überdurchschnittlich und ins Ohr gehend, ohne vom real thing Hard Rock in den Melodic Bereich abzugleiten. Nichtsdestotrotz hat jeder Song seine Hooklines, und Salem's Darbietung tut das ihre dazu.

“The Voice of Rock" è infatti protagonista, assieme alla esplosiva Salem Jones, di un duetto da brivido su "Go Home & Melt", il brano migliore del lotto assieme a "Free Will" e "Get Away From My Door". Hughes è il solito numero uno, ma occhio a sottovalutare la singer dei One Soul Thrust, proprietaria di un'estensione ed una grinta capaci di lasciare a bocca aperta proprio lo special guest di cui sopra, al punto da spingerlo a compararla ad Ann Wilson delle Heart. "1ST" dà uno stacco netto rispetto alle release affini, complice anche la produzione di Alessandro Del Vecchio, nostro connazionale destinato ad una meritata carriera planetaria (Edge of Forever, Eden's Curse, Moonstone Project e infiniti altri progetti)”

“Described as pure, passionate, classic rock, One Soul Thrust are a female-fronted four piece from Edmonton Canada, that edge a little more to the soulful side of rock than most bands do these days. Listening to the the album doesn't disappoint, with a strong 70's Heart influence prevalent in spades. Check out 'Love Is All We Got' - is that the spirit of Ann Wilson or what? The album is 100% a platform for the voice of Salem Jones and boy what a voice that is, being one of the widest ranges I've heard in a long time. Interestingly One Soul Thrust are mooted for doing some tour dates with Glenn Hughes sometime soon (any chances of these being the UK dates I wonder?)”

“New CD NOW AVAILABLE!http://cdbaby.com/cd/OneSoulThrust”

“Ale Del Vecchio signs on to produce another CD for 1ST in 2010.”

1ST Newsflash

“Glenn Hughes The Voice of Rock sings duet with Salem on One Soul Thrust CD in July 2009! Tells her, "You sing higher than that bird from Heart!"”

1ST Newsflash

“I thoroughly enjoyed the concert... really impressive and I want to say 'hardcore' even though the music is not hardcore, but it has that serious depth to it.”

Glen Charles Halls - Fans of 1ST

“Love is All You've Got!!! is a killer track!!!! I feel like listening to the first Heart records..my god... Salem you're the new Ann Wilson.. believe me!!!!!!!!!! ”

“I've been impatient for new music to arrive from one of the North’s great rockers Jones (now called One Soul Thrust)...”