One Of These Days / Press

“Whenever I hear this band, the track from Pink Floyd comes to mind, although there are no similarities by far! Pure grindcore! Or if you prefer: a creative way to burst (hehe)! Very fast riffs, but heavy paced, the guys gave us so much energy! Their drummer (Philip F.) won a place among the top 5 I've seen live (and I've seen quite few). Very controlled rhythm, bringing 80% of the bands sound to life, breaking no sweat whatsoever, those drumsticks died that night! I do hope their EP gives them the boost for a full record! Almost a dozen short powerful tracks, the guys were cheered!”

“Εδώ τώρα αρχίζουμε και τα σπάμε. Το μενού για 2ο πιάτο είχε deathcore από τους ONE OF THESE DAYS. Ο κόσμος που έχει μαζευτεί αρκετός μέχρι τις 9:10 περίπου που ανέβηκε η μπάντα στη σκηνή, έχει αρχίσει και κάνει τα πρώτα headbangings και κάτι πολύ μικρά pit-άκια, που ίσως προϊδεάζουν για το τι θα επακολουθήσει. Ο ντράμμερ τους, πρέπει να πω ότι πραγματικά παίζει κάλτσες και πρέπει να έχει τον ακούραστο! Μπράβο του! Από δέσιμο μπάντας, τα πάμε πολύ καλά. Από σκηνική παρουσία επίσης πολύ καλά.”

“These guys caught everyone by surprise for sure. Their undoubted brutality in addition to their extreme technique, makes them a pretty blasting five piece, that shows no mercy when it’s about fans. They all seem so silent off stage that it’s quite a great antithesis to see them lose control on stage, especially the singer whose pig squeals have nothing to envy from much older and famous colleagues of him. Two covers of Nasum’s ”The Deepest Hole” and Suicide Silence’s ”Unanswered” completed the massacre. If they play like this with Devildriver on July, they’ll leave only jaws dropped in their way.”

“Were the brutal guys of the night, they have short tracks but long dicks and this shows from the compositions they present, a wave of ferocity aims towards you and hits you between the eyes (or legs, it’s exactly the same, believe me) and in the end, you are unable to do or say anything. They played thirteen tracks, with a cover of ‘’Unanswered’’ of Suicide Silence before they end, with the addition of the growler of Mortal Torment on this one. The skinny vocalist creates terror with his pig squeals, the string guys are insane, putting their heads down and torturing their instruments, the drummer is totally out of place and hits everything that’s everywhere. They were even better than the first time I saw them some months ago, the sound helped them a lot and many fans inside the club were astonished by their presence. I told you through these pages that they would kick serious ass when they would support Devildriver and I’m glad they proved me right. The best are yet to c”