OneNeoEon / Press

“.....She plays all the instruments on her songs, and plays various instruments to accompany backing tracks live, the live show being her strong suit, and her shows are not to be missed, with a little comedy, visuals, and political commentary to boot…”

“The evening began with OneNeoEon, a one-woman show featuring the electronic arrangements of Lisa I, RoadBot (aka Lisa Scott). The fishnet-stockinged, vinyl-clad goth princess was the perfect introduction to an evening of mostly heavy, electronically produced industrial music that seemed to cover the crowd of outcasts and Average Joes in a blanket of unified acceptance. OneNeoEon tossed little toys into the audience between songs as a sort of apology for having to switch between her bass and electric guitar, and I was lucky enough to catch a malformed plastic butterfly mid-air (despite the fact that it caused HowWasTheShow Editor David de Young to knock over my cocktail in the process). Overall, ONE played a set that was surprisingly poignant in nature; she enhanced her synthesized, instrumental punk with visual aides such as a small framed picture of caskets covered in American flags, and it made it hard not to take her seriously.”