One Mile Final / Press

“The Local 662 set the stage for Trigger City Trio’s CD release party on Friday, March 6th. With a line-up that guaranteed a good time, St. Petersburg brought out a top-notch crowd. Next up was One Mile Final. This four-piece alternative rock band from Tampa completely electrified The Local 662. Having seen One Mile Final before, I had an idea of what to expect from them, however my expectations were immediately exceeded. Their stage presence and natural ability to capture the crowd was at a peak when their heavy rock beats intertwined with Latin vibes to create truly unique sounds. One thing that hadn’t changed since the last time I saw them was lead singer, Brian’s, amazing vocal abilities and the rest of the band’s instrumental abilities. Drummer, Josh, and lead guitarist, Bryan, proved that it isn’t only lead singers that can draw in a crowd. Taking turns, these two let loose on stage and played some kick-ass solos. By the end of the set, One Mile Final was on another lev”

“Saturday afternoon and evening brought to Tampa’s Gaspar’s Grotto the Ybor City Rocks Music Festival. This festival, comprised of over 20 artists of varying genres and styles, seemingly had it all. It all fit together, because just as there are multiple components that go into making a song, there are multiple artists that make up music. Starting the Final Four on the Galley Stage, was Dropin Pickup. It wasn’t hard for band, One Mile Final, to take the stage after Dropin Pickup – perhaps because Dropin Pickup’s bassist, Chase, was playing with them Saturday night. Even though the majority of the band is from out of town, that didn’t stop them from capturing the attention from this local crowd. It could have been their Rock/Blues sounds, or their lively interactions with the audience, but most likely it was because of lead singer, Brian’s, scream (a scream that probably would crack a smile on Steven Tyler's face).”

“One Mile Final are a genre-jumping pub rock band that blend a mishmash of styles, ranging from folk to alternative to hip-hop to jam band to funk … the list goes on. You can catch them on any given weekend at local venues such as the Brass Tap, World of Beer, Market On Seventh or Fly Bar, just to name a few. They began as a cover band, but have recently been focusing on writing original material. Hot on the heels of releasing their debut EP, they are looking forward to getting back in the studio and moving forward. We spoke with the band’s rhythm section. What influences you? Collins: Bob Schneider; he’s an artist outta Austin, Texas. He’s probably the heaviest influence on the band. What is your songwriting method? Collins: We all kind of write and try to bring it together. If it sticks, it sticks.”

“I recently got an opportunity to sit down with him and "pick Brian's brain". Here's what he had to say: Q: How would you describe your music? A: I used to describe our music as a blend of Dave Matthews, Jack Johnson, and John Mayer, but I recently realized that our music is a much more eclectic blend than that. I tend to bring an acoustic rock influence to the music, Josh brings Metallica and System of a Down influences, Chase brings a style similar to Taking Back Sunday and Bob Schneider, and Tim brings U2 and Bright Eyes. Our struggle to blend these contrasting influences is where I think the real magic of our music lies. Q: What are your songs about? A: I think a lot of them are about the struggle to find love, and to find what's right for you. Love isn't the only thing you can write about though. Some of my favorite songs don't have anything do to with "the girl", and address life on a broader scale. Q: Where have you performed? A: You're probably most likely...(continued).”

“Somewhere between the acoustic/electric sound of a band like Vertical Horizon and the funk/jazz sound of Jack Johnson is the Florida-based quartet known as One Mile Final. Because of the band’s ever-changing style and sound, One Mile Final fits as much into Acoustic Rock as it does into Alternative Rock. The self-titled debut release from One Mile Final seems to run the gamut when it comes to musical genres. While staying in a Rock state of mind throughout the six songs, the additions the band made to the music help keep each track sounding different from one song to the next. The unique influences each musician in the band brought to the music help to make One Mile Final a band with limitless potential, and it shows on the band’s debut CD.”