One Match Left / Press

“I have been listening to your CD for days now and am so impressed. I have several favorites but love, love "My Heartbeat". You are so talented!”

Dana - fan

“We love your music :) it helps keep us happy while we do our gluten-free thing. Also, I told you this before, but my grandma loves you. I gave her your CD and she is excited to listen to it on her drive to florida.”

Adriana (fan) - facebook

“You need your own Radio station becuase i would listen to it ALL DAY LONG! :D....Without you.. i listened to it like a billion times! :)”

Faith Hendon - facebook/fan

“i am listening to you now and i love your voice, and your finger picking is real pretty... your songs are very pretty.”

Anna Maye - facebook/fan

“Big progress in just half a year's time! ”


L Perry - rn

“You're an excellent songwriter!”

Clint Colbert - rn

“Really diverse mix of tunes w/ excellent musicianship and some incredible vocal work!”

Rick Frost - ReverbNation

“Damsel in Shining Armor! Love it.”

Stankbot Nation-Band - rn

"You should totally learn to play a ukulele and add it in ! Oh, PLEASE do that ! :)" "I'll patiently wait and check the music page until I hear it. Then there will probably be some eeking and other such girlie giddy sounds. :)" "As for where you want to go, I'm not sure, but I am pretty sure it involves a ukulele. :)"

Lindsey-gal who got stuck sitting with me after I played - facebook