One Life Animal / Press

“Consider that fair warning that One Life Animal has aimed a little higher than finding the missing link between Green Day and the Ramones. Instead, the sound here is proggy in the best of ways, giving you a good idea what Tool might have sounded like if it had come up in grunge-era Seattle with a singer (Tocha Restrepo) who has just the right mix of technical skill and tuff-leather snarl.”

“While the band obviously has plenty of technical ability (check out guitarist Tom McIlveen’s tasteful atmospherics in the middle of “First Last Gasp”), the songs come first here, whether the group is diving into the mosh pit for the neck-snapping “Pandora” or unleashing its inner goth on “Sweet Sting”.”

"One Life Animal’s debut album, Sleep and His Older Brother Death, lets out a ferocious roar that is sure to wake you from your slumber... While difficult to describe because of the array of multiple genres, influences and styles, One Life Animal pull off a prog-pop rock and metal hybrid of songs that resonate in a completely new tone." ~

“One Life Animal= Kick-ass, intense, grungy rock 'n roll. If the Mars Volta and Queens of the Stone Age melded together and got a ridiculously sexy and talented model as a lead singer.”

Cobra Ramone

“ One Life Animal brought back that thick West Coast sound to the Media Club, that sound that some of the greatest bands from decades before have grown out of.”

“The lead singer of One Life Animal wouldn’t have to wear a costume to convince me she’s part lion. Feral is the best word to describe her. Harsh, primal vocals boiled through each song. The thick coils billowing from her head and the shimmering auburn of the glitter she wore on her face made her seem like something from the cover of a pulp science fiction magazine. Her persona was only one half of the experience however – her dark primacy a counterpoint to the other leading force on the stage. The guitarist of One Life Animal is the smiling, funny, and musical opposite to the girl singing beside him. A vehicle for both great musical execution and silly banter, their relationship was the heart of the performance. Even when they weren’t speaking, the way their own individual sounds mixed together and reacted was almost certainly chemical.”

“To wrap up the night One Life Animal set up and played to a great sized crowd. This is the first show with their new singer and she turned out to be the "Animal" in One Life Animal. Absolutely ferocious into the microphone. Brought a new flavour of raw energy to the band. The whole group was tight. Playing a few old songs from their first record as well as a bunch of new tunes. This ending the night on a glorious high note.”