One Hundred Flowers / Press

““With an intro similar to DeVotchka’s famous “How It Ends,” the song can only be indie-pop gold. Continuing with a quick drum beat, icy bass chords and a trilling electric guitar, “Rat Trap” sets the mood for an urban evening doused in red wine and 100 of your closest friends.””

““One Hundred Flowers have mastered tempo shifts, so it’s hard to pin down the style of a particular track as all five members work together to move a song through various phases. Though the approach they may take in a given moment is fleeting, joy and exuberance leak through the seams of their musical architecture.””

““Songs shape shift and subtleties abound and reveal themselves upon multiple listens…””

Under the Radar Issue #33

““Mechanical Bride is a smart album full of melodic modern pop compositions. The songs feature loads of vocal harmonies and thick busy arrangements.””

““This is the new Cosmic American music drawing on diverse traditions rather than just the narrow confines of the popular song.””

““From little shoots acorns do grow. In close to two years, One Hundred Flowers never once threw down the opportunity to play. That perseverance in promoting community harvests its own reward. Their music has been described as “complex, weird, and beautiful”. Jangling, but seldom slight.””

““Keys, moog and other effects flirt with multiple voices melting together, guitar, electric piano, trumpet, even some woodblock to create a sound that owes as much to musical machinery as it does to organic indie folk. “The Night, The Day, The Night” and “You Really Must Accept” are both delicately enticing standouts. Warm sounds dance with glittery ones, giving the creations a carefree spring attitude.””

““I like to imagine that they’d bring good craft beers, plenty of wholesome snacks to share and their gear in the trunk to set up an impromptu moog and harmony-filled space chamber pop jam session.””