One Hand Free / Press

“One Hand Free's new disc "Quadraphonic" brings the listener back to the days of Pontiac Firebirds, tight jeans, tie-dye, and long hair. Their style is reminiscent of Foghat, Golden Earring, and Chicago. Each track is strong, and the only drawback is that there are only eight songs on the record. ”

Ben Bulkeley - Portsmouth Herald

“Listening to One Hand Free’s new album, Quadraphonic, is akin to taking a nostalgic tour of the big names of ‘70s American rock.”

Rae Jacobson - Northeast Performer

“Each musician’s rock ’n’ roll passion is refreshingly authentic. ”

Matt Kanner - The Wire

“With echoes of older groups like Lynyrd Skynyrd and Joe Cocker matched by wisps of comparatively more recent acts like The Black Crowes and Dave Matthews Band, “Quadraphonic” presents a timeless sound that radiates from the core of rock music. ”

Matt Kanner - The Wire

“Someone would like your band if they like? "Driving to the lake with the sun shining through the T-top, making that frosty can of Stroh’s sweat on your bare leg while you rub the knee of the girl next to you with her feet up on the dash who is twisting up a number for “Space Truckin’””

Interview - Boston Music Spotlight

"Hirsute One Hand Free rattled the skeletons of Grand Funk Railroad and Mountain."

Jonathan Perry - Boston Globe