Oneg Shemesh Band / Press

“If you think his name is hard to forget, wait till you hear his music!”

“Oneg Shemesh is a gifted vocalist, lyricist and musician. He carries the love and passion of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach in his soul!”

Rabbi Moshe Scheiner - Palm Beach Synagogue

“What a great experience for everyone today. Thank you so much for coming to play at our Coffeehouse concert. I am listening to your CD (the newer one) while I write this and I can't keep the smile off of my face”

Chuck Feinstein - Temple Israel of the Poconos

“Thank you so much for a wonderful Shabbat experience. The members of our community have all told me how much they enjoyed your davening, stories and music.”

Rabbi Avrohom Rapoport - Chabad Margare, NJ

“The Fan of the Month for November 2014 Aryeh Pearlman. This is his quote: “Because Oneg Shemesh brings Oneg and Shemesh--delight and sunshine in Hebrew--to all he encounters, you should hire him to entertain at your event!””

Fan of the month - Aryeh Pearlman

“Oneg Shemesh adds a wonderful mix of soul & spirit in his music. Is Oneg Shemesh the next Shlomo Carlebach? I don’t know about that, but he is the first Oneg Shemesh!” ”

NCSY Magazine

“Fan of the Month for December 2014 Mitchell Nathanson. This is his quote: “Oneg Shemesh is this generation's latest link to the music of Shlomo Carlebach. He has inherited the holy soul of his role model. It is for this reason that Oneg's interpretations of Rabbi Shlomo's music is what gets me pumped and in the mood, especially before the holy Shabbath. Oneg's talents in song writing, particularly his music, will surely turn this hard working Rock Star into an "overnight sensation" any day now. Hopefully he will join the other, already famous Carlebach disciples in the celebration welcoming the arrival of Messiah speedily in our days!”

Fan of the month - Mitchell Nathanson

“Oneg played for our middle and high school this past Chanukah. His concert was spirited and got the students involved (and dancing).”

Rabbi Moshe Schwatz Director of Jewish Life - Solomon Schechter Day School of Nassau County

“Oneg Shemesh performed at our camp and for our community in July 2009. He brought with him his amazing talent and ability to connect to audiences of all ages.”

Josh Cutler - Camp Director - JCC Margate, NJ

“Oneg Shemesh truly did stand out from start to finish”

Jill Zucker - Hillel at Stony Brook University

“Oneg Shemesh seems to be carrying the torch of new Jewish music with a bright flame.” ”

Jewish Press