"This is an amazing sound from one of the best unsigned artists I have heard. Omoreka is unique, there are no comparisons to be made with any other artist, either in performance or song writing. I really was excited to listen to him and can't wait to get more of his songs on our stations playlist for the Unsigned Show - 11pm - 6 am every day on www.crosscountiesradio.co.uk" David Harris Boulter, Managing Director, Cross Counties Radio / The Sunflower Community Radio Association.

David Harris - Cross Counties Radio, England

“To be honest it is quite a no-brainer to predict that this album is going to do great. ‘This Year’ has been banging away on the ALL SCANDINAVIAN stereo since this SpaceScan, but for some reason the record company is taking its sweet time actually releasing the thing. Which is a pity as ‘This Year’ is a pretty darn good collection of evocative and often quite U2’esque pop-rock.”

Thomas Brunstrøm and Peter Krogholm - All Scandinavian