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Omnihility / Press

“ I’m going to be as straightforward about this as I possibly can; if you aren’t a fan of Omnihility by now, you should be ashamed of yourself. This album (and indeed band) is (ultra) technical death metal’s new hope in a year without Origin, Brain Drill, Viraemia or Monumental Torment. In fact, Omnihility gives most of those bands a serious run for their money; if they don’t watch out, Omnihility’s gonna be calling the shots from now on. In fact, as much as I love Origin’s ‘Entity’, ‘Biogenesis’ kicks its ass seven ways to Sunday. It isn’t even a contest as far as I’m concerned; the riffs, speed, brutality and sheer venom of this album outclass ‘Entity’ in every way. Hell, even Origin’s very best isn’t safe now and that comes from someone who’s been a die hard Origin fanboy for years”

“Omnihility have done the unthinkable; they’ve managed to transcend clone status, instead becoming the closest any band has been to being the second coming of Origin. Every key characteristic of Origin’s early material, from ‘Informis Infinitas Inhumanitas’ through ‘Echoes Of Decimation’ has been processed, assimilated and recreated to a point of surprising originality by Omnihility. It’s safe to think of Omnihility as the Deeds Of Flesh to Origin’s Suffocation. Deeds Of Flesh should, for all intents and purposes *be* Suffocation or at the very least the most noteworthy clone, but through some indescribable turn of events, they are their own group, yet fully able and (probably) willing to step in for Suffocation should they falter. Omnihility is the mirror image of early Origin, without fully *being* Origin. Weird, wild stuff.”

"They might just be the most brutal band that has opened for us on this tour yet!" Jason Keyser- Origin

live @ The Branx, Portland Oregon

"Reminds me of "Echoes of Decimation..but somehow darker.." Paul Ryan- Origin

myspace correspondence

“Omnihility is all about playing brutal death metal in the physically and mentally strenuous style: as fast as possible,blasting blast-blast in hyperactive frenzy; letting the riffs fly/swerve/dive/cut/turn and stream/zoom/rotate/slide/redirect in rapid succession with no pauses in the action. When Omnihility hits the ground, it is the “brutal,technical death metal” avalanche that takes over. Omnihility has no time for slow songs, nor taking it easy and letting the music “breathe” or giving the listener time “digest” or anything like that. No. Not here. Come this way for the speed, the blast, the guttural growl and the technical.What a lovely display of musical muscle and brain stress. Those longing for faster speeds, more technicality, and just more spazzoid death metal blasting will like this.Omnihility originates from Oregon, with that Topeka,Kansas musical spirit running in their veins.”