Omnesia / Press

“From a review of Omnesia's new dark art electro-pop album "Pankilller" by MIKEWHITEPRESENTS, London: “What I wouldn’t give for a very fine day with you, where I laugh more than I’m used to” If the twisting, eccentric meldings of electro-pop melodies and deep, chugging techno bass lines swung beneath the cool, nurturing guidance of an Annie Lennox meets Ms. Kittin vocalist is the place you want to head to this Fall, then Omnesia’s latest album “Painkiller” has got to be the finest prescription your House Doctor always kept locked away in his medical cabinet. -Mike White, MIKEWHITEPRESENTS, London”

"A hint of Gracie Slick in the New Order of Music. Medella and M2, you make powerful music together. While I am from country, I know what makes for memorable music and your sound soars!" - THE C.R. ECKER BAND

"Your music reminds of a combo of Siouxsie and the Banshees and Dresden Dolls. It's beautifully layered, sweeping and sensual. Addictively haunting!" - Luscious Purr

"Your musical arrangements are stunning, especially fond of how the strings, piano and bass complement each other on Love is Love. The spoken word section is also wonderful. And the combination of synth and guitar on Painkiller really drives home the hook in the dark mysterious vocal performance." - Dolor Projection http://www.reverbnation.com/dolorprojection

"Very moving, jaw dropping, aural sensory stimulation in your music! Haunting vocals, enthralling melodies... I love it! Keep up the top notch composing."

"palindrome" sounds like an hallucinogenic tribal experience complete with fire, dancing and perhaps a solar eclipse. Not out of place on Radiohead's "Kid A."

"Extraordinary and out of the world creativity..." - RS Mahmood

"pain is better - lush tune Omnesia - multi faceted ones. Rooms corridors new spaces soft words life is the point. I love it!" dRedzilla

"Pain is Better:is great, very powerful with huge sweeping melodies but with great energy and seamless changes of tempo and emphasis. - Last Day On Earth

“very cool production ideas right here..love the tight, punchy mixes and big rich melodic textures you have peeking through on these tracks..my favourite is the big poptastic, New Order-esque "free, beautiful"..great vocal and surprising, imaginative structure. Shiny as Gold!!"- Mike White Presents”