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I was born and raised most of my life in Atlantic City In the Projects of VAC Courts, Stanly Homes and Pitney Village.A place far different from the flashy lights and glamour of the casinos and boardwalk..Born to a Mother who was a singer and won miss teen New Jersey and a Dad who was a Well known music manager of the P FuNk Group Qazar Rip Glen Goings.. Music has been a part of my life before i was even thought of.. Life was rough growing up but one thing we always had was music.. I came from a big family that was well known through out the city.. My uncle was a King Pen and all my older cousins ran the area. So me and my younger cousins ran around with no rules because of my families involment in the drug trade never guarding our eye as young kids growing up in the projects in the late 80's.. i done seen it all from shoot outs to raids to large amounts of cocain thats how im able to step in the booth and make the type of music i make cause its mostly a reflection of my life and what i have seen or been through growing up during the that area..Those insights are way more useful to me now when im creating music it helps me paint a vivid picture and connect with people going thru some of the same situations.. it makes the music althentic and real and is a source of inspiration during troubbled times..what dont kills you only makes you stronger..My Uncles and cousins were later arrested on federal inditments and king pen charges. I grew up in a single parent house hold most of my childhood...My mother did the best she could always keeping a clean house and making sure me my sister and brother had food and clean clothes no matter how rough the situation or area we where living in. My sister got pregnant at 11 had the baby at 12 made my mom a grandmom at a very early age and me a uncle at 6years old..What can i say i had to grow up fast... My sister use to watch me while my mom worked so my sister really be came a parent before her time that's just the way things were growing up back then. I played sports that helped me stay out of a lot of trouble. I met my father when i was 13. Moved to West Baltimore to go live with him after i got into a little trouble it was only suppose to be for the summer..what a hell of a summer. Trouble was always around you could never completely get away from it. I Moved to Baltimore but not only to Baltimore to the west side wal bash juction aka the Jungle.. now no family no friends and I attended the worse school in Baltimore City La Male Middle school also know as the school on the hill..If you ever watch the movie Lean On Me that was my school no exsageration.My Life felt like it went from bad to worse..That's around the time I turned to Music writing rhymes that seemed to be the only thing i could do to cope and take me out of the world I was living in. I hated my situation my school the people at school i was at the point i was so mad i started going to school fighting almost everyday violence was the only thing that felt right for how i was feeling inside i just wanted to go back home where i came from..finally i moved the day after i almost got killed..that's a whole long story in its self.. I moved to north jersey to go live with my Grandmother..She was a preacher so she had me in church almost every day of the week man my life was changing often from running round the hood all day to being in church every day i never knew what was going to happen day to day.I finally made it back to south jersey with my mom and now she had a place in the suburbs of Voorhees where life was different you could relax and not have to walk the streets and look over your back every couple minutes, this is where i did great in sports football basketball track i started recording in the studio making songs and perfecting the art of Music through free styling and making solid strong Hooks and songs.. let me say I lived on both sides of the fence i have seen the good the bad and the ugly..My struggles and hardships in life have given me a story to contribute to the world thru my music.My situations in life made me who i am.. music is life music is what i do

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