Omar Reneau / Press

“OMAR is #1 on reverbnation.com/omarreneau”

omar reneau - reverbnation

“welcome to the ride of your life”

OMAR - welcome

“who would of think, thunk it , thought it, ya omar's lost it.!!”

OMAR - song lyrics

“pick up the phone bitch”

“Can you see me walking on the clouds and im sky high”

OMAR - Can you see us

“..."you wont die for this rap, so i'll meet you half way and murder you right off the top"”

OMAR - Concentrated Energys

“this is up close and personal with "mr. fuck you die slow" ”

Fl - Blended

“I think you might have to far on this one OMAR”

IQ - Quote

“This is what happens when you f*** with Omar - He will bury you with with a verbal bloody shovel”

“...and another thing, for all those motherfuckers out there talking shit, ill roll through your hood,... ”

Marion Reneau - Call from sis', John Dart 13-01 album

“im lost in the music ive soared to a limit i can afford to say now that its no longer a gimmik i dont talk cause i live it im pressing the limit and pushing the issue”

" Can you see us"

“Only on ReverbNation.com for two days and already in the top 5 of the local hip hop charts!”

Unknown Fan

"Best Rap I have heard in a lonng time"


“Omar Reneau is one of the most anticipated artist this year!”

rolling stone magazine