Olly Gardiner / Press

““I love how unique and original this song is, it sounds so catchy and memorable. The sound quality of this is high throughout. The vocals are very edgy and powerful, very fab! This song also has an upbeat rhythm to it - it makes you want to get up and dance! The instruments used in this song are very varied,full and powerful. I really enjoyed this song because it stands out. I think there is a lot of potential there and I hope they get far, they are talented lads.””

Reverbnation Crowd Review

““With lyrical candor and an air of sultry sophistication, this song is very enjoyable. When speaking of lyricism and narrative, we do not often expect to be crediting artists with terms such as honesty and integrity. Lyrical sincerity is always assumed to be a given. Yet within the current wave of hipster trends, bands seem to be hard at work curating and contriving a status of "cool" behind a facade of disinterest nonchalance. The search for experimental soundscapes and haircuts has caused many a promising artists to lose their way. It is there highly refreshing to hear a track such as this. It 's like walking into a moment of air-conditioning in the midst of humidity. This is a stark reminded of what happens when a band embraces their roots. This track has managed to encompass a typical folklore story-arcs and blend them with a nostalgic sound that is reminiscent of 90 guitar rock, modernised and reinvented to the point whereby they sound both unique and familiar; a rare combinatio”

Reverbnation Crowd Review

“Great working with Oliver, talented singer and songwriter. Deserves great success.”

"Give Me Your Heart" intelligently written chord structures good song... catchy, but dark sounding. infectious, but not a bubblegum level. and yet. I don't think this should be a single, but i do think its a good album track. good work man... keep it up! -Agent Method

Agent Method - Darrick (Agent Method) Atwater