Ollie Vee / Press

“...it flows beautifully from beginning to end..”

“Tapping the same roots as have Chris Isaak and Marshall Crenshaw before them, this sharp Ontario four-piece delivers a convincing retro sound and songs both lyrically fresh and true to those roots. Guitarist Jesse Adamson is a legit retro-rock crooner and lead guitarist Johnny Vassos makes very tasty use of his space. Not a weak track present here but dreamy opener “Ruby Red” and the ballad “Right Out Of The Pictures” do stand out.”

“The bastard child of Elvis Presley and Brian Ferry”


“...an amazing vibe and atmosphere...The music and performance was phenomenal.”

Nick Bronson, Evening Producer - Durham Radio Inc.

“Ollie Vee made their debut LP in nearly one take, live off the floor to analog tape. It is rare and refreshing to come across musicians who don’t want to fake it with technology. These guys create an infectious blend of Americana and Rockabilly that makes it impossible to sit still..”

Wayne Cochran, Engineer - Metalworks Studios

“..this entire baker’s dozen of slinky swinging songs would be right at home on the jukebox at the Double R Diner..”

Jeffery Morgan - JefferyMorgan.Info (Creem)

“Jeffrey Morgan’s 2013 Top Ten list MEDIA BLACKOUT #398 http://www.jeffreymorgan.info/2013.12.15_arch.html”

“5 Stars”

Roots Music Report on The Lonesome Girl Album