Olivia Rudeen / Press

“If you want to catch this young lady before she moves on to bigger stages, you might want to do it soon.”

“[Olivia] can take any chord progression and turn it into the catchiest song ever. I had the privilege of seeing her live streamed performance last night at the Monument Sound Studios and it was great. She is not only a stellar guitar player but she’s got the voice to back it up.”

"All of the songs will stick in your head – they blew me away when I gave the EP a spin. The last piece on the EP is titled “Austin,” and you never would have convinced me a 19-year-old crafted this song. The song has a melody and quality about it that you would think would be beyond one so young."

Charlie Sullivan - Colorado Music Buzz Magazine

“Olivia Rudeen makes upbeat Americana: Just picture the Dixie Chicks playing at a Nederland backyard BBQ. ”