Old Warhorse / Press

“Old Warhorse is a rough outfit. The Denton six-piece swills fire and gravel and spits out both en it takes the stage. Expect roadhouse blues-rock hopped up on testosterone during the Friday night “Back to School Bash” at Hailey’s Club. The musicians don’t do spectacles on stage, but the intensity of their blues punch doesn’t suffer for it. Guitars pour on white hot (and sometimes raging) noise, the bass grooves hard and the drums beat like all get-out — and that’s just on the slower, laid-back songs. When the Warhorse picks up its gait, get ready for a serious soul dust-up. In fact, if your hearing’s sensitive, bring earplugs. The band is a newer local outfit, established last year. But members have paid their dues in bands like Pinebox Serenade and Spitfire Tumbleweeds, and Old Warhorse has been busy playing Dan’s Silverleaf and other Texas beer joints.”