Olds Sleeper / Press

“It is said the systemically-morose life the modern American male leads is one of quiet desperation. Olds gives that quiet desperation a voice, and a vehicle in I Will Follow You To Jail. Towns and women, and unresolvable circumstances and sins paint a bitingly authentic picture of a man at wit’s end. It is a soundtrack for the American anti-hero, making you fall in love with the villain, cheer on bad male middle-aged behavior, and see the beauty in otherwise ugly things. . . . . and then Olds plays a bad ass banjo instrumental. ”

“. From the depths of Central Pennsylvania Olds Sleeper awakes and shovels are flying as this recording artist releases a third album in 2010. The lead off track “Don’t Need Drugs” is classic Olds Sleeper wit, wisdom and plays like a twisted spiritual. Now let us enter A Hollow Drum From A Hallowed Place. Fans of ABBA must grab their children and run to the hills as Olds Sleeper churns out one minimalist funky track after another. All the way from “A Hollow Drum” to “Fuzzpunk 71 Camaro” this album slams and slides along. Fans of Tom Waits (Blood and Money, Alice and so on) as well as White Stripes, William Melliot Whitmore and experimental Wilco will appreciate this albums soul ”

"In many ways Olds Sleeper’s songs are exercises in genre defiance, as well as merging old-timey styles with modern styles, the organic and the mechanical, noise and clarity, messy compositions and well-structured compositions, the light and the dark, the human and the spiritual, waking hours and dream worlds, and so on."

James Carlson - nodepression.com