Old Man Brown / Press

“... they're much more than a glorified cover band. They have their own sound which, in a year or two will put them firmly in their own niche. Blues is a long way from being a dead art-form in the hands of Old Man Brown. Go and hear them in a wee pub while you still can.”

The Scotsman

“On Return, Old Man Brown captured lightning in a bottle, getting back to soulful and earnest songwriting. Return just flows, as if without effort, sounding timeless, as though the album has been lying around waiting to be played again.”

Bootleg Magazine

“They pump out a Southern-flavored blues, jazz and rock fusion, and take all the fluctuating time changes through many paces. This becomes the status quo throughout the recording, and it is such a pleasure to hear.”

Keith Hannaleck - Musikreviews.com