Old Californio / Press

“Old Californio gets its classic-rock groove going at the Buccaneer”

“On stage, the quintet's positivity - so evident in their rambling "Mother Road," as well as the more down-home "Just Like Joseph Campbell" - was infectious.”

“I put Westering Again in the CD player. Exactly 27 seconds into the first track--"Mother Road"--the clouds parted, the sun miraculously appeared, the snow and ice were no longer and happy cartoon birds were suddenly flying around the house.”

“If you’d be interested in a diverse American album drawing on influences ranging from Gram Parsons and Moby Grape to the Grateful Dead and Crazy Horse, you’d be well served by hearing this album.”

“Westering Again by San Gabriel Mountains-area quintet Old Californio is a great example of what I am talking about when I look to define how California sounds.”

“Old Californio’s record Westering Again is a solid gem of an album. ”