Old Bear Mountain / Press

“The new‐wave folk/bluegrass group from Spokane, WA, has the crisp originality of a young band; yet a weathered authenticity that pays homage to traditional toe‐tapping tunes. Local bands are a dime a dozen. Poser bands are even more common. Old Bear Mountain is something altogether unique – a group of individually polished parts: each part honed to aural perfection, yet the sum of that musical equation is even greater...Enjoying Old Bear Mountain in person is an escape from musical mediocrity. There are no musical duds here ‐‐ every tune is a song you want to hear, again. Then, imagine my delight upon listening to the same tunes flawlessly recorded onto CD. Rarely in the mainstream music world does even a Top‐40 group produce a CD you want to listen you start‐to‐finish. On the Run is an album that you’ll listen to continuously, over and over again. Every track is a treat.”

Russel Silva - Online Review

“...Another local band has won a lot of hearts by playing to them. Meredith Coleman says she first fell in love with bluegrass band OLD BEAR MOUNTAIN at a friend's wedding on the roof of the Spokesman-Review building. "They had just finished playing their last song of the set, which was pretty amazing," she says. "The crowd at the wedding cheered for them to play another song — the same song — again because they were loving it! [The band] seemed a little confused but then picked right up and played the same song twice." Another reader, Chris Cindric, heard about OBM after a friend saw them live and recommended their music to him. And though he has only listened to their recorded material, he says he loves "the fun, fresh, young sound they bring to bluegrass." He even used one of their songs to soundtrack a winter trail-running video he posted on YouTube.”

“The bluegrass-twinged folk music of Old Bear Mountain has a few tricks up its sleeve, as their effortless sounding backyard bluegrass almost disguises shining pop hooks. This isn’t grandpa’s old bluegrass band. The members are surprisingly young, adding an innocent and exploratory quality to the music.”