ola podrida / Press

"Ola Podrida excels at creating a beautifully atmospheric mood, as well as gentle beauty that's both spacious and deceptively complex."


"Ola Podrida is a cohesive, confident album full of folky, quiet guitars and thoughtful lyrics that coalesce into complete songs" (8.0)


"One of my favourite songwriters...Ola Podrida are wonderful."

Said The Gramophone

"Instruments layer together subtly and deftly, creating an atmosphere that brings to mind the wide Western plains or old, not-quite-forgotten lovers."


"Writers like to say stupid stuff about music like this being a soundtrack to your life, but really, put your life on hold for 46 minutes."


"Belly of the Lion may be one of the year’s best bedroom listens yet. "


"A rich, textured work, edging Wingo's Americana-focused concerns into a territory that sounds - dare I say it - pretty close to cinematic.."


"They do a great job of capturing the feelings that characterize the impossibly wide expanse that is our state. This is 'Texas Music', in the best sense of the phrase..."

Gorilla Vs. Bear