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“Este importante evento, permitió a los potosinos disfrutar por primera vez del jazz y soul con el cantante británico-nigeriano Ola Onabule, que estuvo acompañado por la Orquesta Sinfónica de San Luis Potosí, dirigida por el maestro José Miramontes Zapata. El recinto vibró por más de una hora con el espectáculo de Ola Onabule que deleitó a los espectadores con su gran calidad e interpretación vocal con temas como, Heart Of Lead y Lagos Boy, entre otros temas.”

“La Cineteca Alameda recibió la espectacular actuación del cantante de jazz, Ola Onabule,-para clausurar el festival de cine que superó las expectativas y se situó entre los mejores del país por su nivel y calidad. El británico-nigeriano estuvo acompañado de la Orquesta Sinfónica de San Luis Potosí, dirigida por el maestro José Miramontes Zapata, y fusionó el jazz con el soul para dar paso a una deliciosa mixtura rítmica que deleitó a los asistentes.”

“Simplemente hizo vibrar a muchos con esta poderosa voz, llena de feeling, pasión e indudablemente el gran gusto de compartir su música del cantante, compositor y productor de origen ingles- nigeriano. ya que a través de estas estupendas interpretaciones con un contundente soul y este gran registro vocal que posee, pulsaba cada nota que vibraba y sin mas fluía para volverse en el vehículo idóneo para ir cautivando a un publico potosino e invitados que abarrotaron este decano recinto cultural.”

“La serata è stata aperta da Ola Onabulè, esordiente a Umbria Jazz, il quale non ha sfigurato minimamente. Voce calda ed eleganza scenica, Onabulè è stato il mattatore dell'Arena, parlando con il pubblico, spiegando le canzoni e scherzando. Un contatto pieno di humor apprezzato dalla platea, come nel caso della parodia del suo lunghissimo nome africano. Ritmi potenti e travolgente, che hanno hanno rappresentato pienamente le radici musicali del londinese con radici nigeriane: si è passati dalla musica yoruba all'afrobeat, dal jazz per approdare alle calde sonorità del soul. Un concerto degno della seconda serata di Umbria Jazz e che non ha lasciato niente al caso, se non fosse per il bis non del tutto assecondato dal pubblico dell'Arena e che sembra aver lasciato con qualcosa di incompleto.”

“Ola Onabule il “Magnifico” Splendida performance dell'elegantone Onabule Di ben altro genere la performance, in apertura di serata, dell’artista anglo-nigeriano Ola Onabule al suo esordio a Umbria Jazz. Pur trovandoci, anche in questo caso, nella macrocategoria degli interpreti, Onabule ha in se il crisma di una eleganza scenica e vocale che lo rende davvero una novità assoluta nel panorama delle voci maschili del jazz. Non siamo difronte ad un virtuoso circense delle corde vocali, bensì ad una voce che può fare ciò che vuole ma che sceglie volta per volta cosa fare. Di più, Onabule si scrive i testi (e che testi…), le musiche e si produce anche da solo se può. Siamo al cospetto di un “Magnifico” signore come lo potevano essere i principi mecenati rinascimentali del V secolo in Italia. Onabule inoltre ha il vezzo di vestirsi elegantemente, senza sbavature, ad ogni suo concerto.”

“A superb blend of raw rhythms from his African background, among other sources, and super-sophisticated, highly developed jazz-soul singing and songwriting”

“Ola Onabule, who packs more musical ideas into one song than many artists manage over an entire album, has issued an upbeat set of songs with an world infusion of music layered into jazz. 'It's the peace that deafens' is a harmonious treat. These wonderful melodies and thrilling beats are infused with thoughtful lyrics, touching on the subject of belonging and identity, hope and love. One of Ola's great gifts is his vocal range. More often he sings in a deep, expressive baritone. This distinctive tone rises and falls, twists and turns as the rhythms of the music alter. With this expressive range, and one interconnected to the music, Stevie Wonder or Nat King Cole are probably his only vocal peers”

“Herford. Eine große Portion Soul - die gab es am Samstagabend im Musik Kontor im Schiller. Mit Ola Onabule ist dort einer der großen Soul-, Jazz- sowie Bluessänger und Songwriter unserer Zeit aufgetreten. Vor ausverkauftem Haus gab Onabule einen Querschnitt aus seinen bisher neun erschienenen Alben.”

“It's The Peace That Deafens - It's very much the singer’s album. He has a high tenor, rich and warm right up to a particularly sweet high range (especially on the title track) with sometimes a touch of Michael McDonald’s husky nuance (try Love Again or Orunmila). He also has a gorgeous sense of “funk-swing” for want of a better term (cf In Your Shoes). His song-writing is strong and varied in mood, sometimes incorporating tricky timing with aplomb (Orunmila), and the lyrics are intelligent and carefully expressed. Particularly outstanding is The Girl That She Was, a beautifully twisting and turning tune that Onabule navigates with easy style. Overall there is a graceful dignity about this music that fills the chest and raises the head.”

“It might seem somewhat remarkable that a totally self contained artist such as Ola Onabulé comes along in this era and even more importantly in the jazz idiom. It is clear with his self assured approach as a consummate entertainer he invokes all that is contemporary at his disposal with his performances not limited to being just accompanied by a small group but also includes the power of the big band. Yet there is more said about the man himself of his creativity, his intention, his versatility, his rectitude and clarity with which he approaches his work. Ola Onabulé - his innate creativity is a superb standalone artist, which for some might be considered a lonely place, yet with no comparisons to be made I conclude that this artist is to be embraced and accepted for who he is and for what he does and the joy in his heart he shares and brings to his audiences.”

“Onabulé explores jazz inclinations, world influences, and personal insights, presented in a sophisticated ambience. Blessed with a voice that spans two octaves, he utilizes his vocal skills in an instrumental manner, offering unique nuances, syncopation, and modulations. This record is a substantial convergence of introspection, dedication, and talent, showcasing a consummate performer at the crest of his craft.”

“Ola Onabulé präsentiert sein breit aufgestelltes Stimmvolumen im Sendesaal”

“Samba-"Schlittenfahrt" und ein funkiger Weihnachtsmann”

“What does jazz mean to you personally? To your community and country? To me jazz means the musical expression of the fullest range of human emotion, from happy to sad, good to bad, naughty to nice and way beyond.”

“In the hottest July ever in Italy, in a beautiful Villa in Casalgrande, Reggio Emilia, where each year a three day jazz festival (The Mundus Festival) is hosted, I found my chance to see for the first time an artist, a performer, a song-writer, a man and his music, Ola Onabule”

“Ola Onabule, un artist marcant al soul-jazz-ului britanic, pe 27 aprilie, la ArC”

“Ola Onabulé, the British-Nigerian, soul, jazz, singer-songwriter, gave an inspired and cool performance at the Royal Albert Hall in London this week.”

“Ola Onabule said that It’s The Peace That Deafens, his follow up to the brilliant Seven Shades Darker, is the result of a process that found him taking full ownership of the African-ness in his background -”

“Ola Onabulé has proved himself something of a dervish in terms of musical surprises. In a musical career spanning more than two decades, he has released eight albums yet there remains a sense of fierce independence about this musician. He had a contract with Elektra but chose to release his first albums on his own label, Rugged Ram. Only now has he signed with a label, Dot Time Records, for the release of It’s the Peace That Deafens – a recording which speaks of jazz-rooted African essences perhaps more than before.”

“It was earlier this year that I first became aware of the British-Nigerian vocalist Ola Onabulé. It was after reading Becca Horne's interview with him, published on this site, and what drew my attention was the massive number of reads (13k+) the article generated. After viewing a number of his live video's on YouTube I had to ask myself, 'why have I not heard of this guy before?”

“It's The Peace That Deafens is the eighth album by singer-songwriter Ola Onabulé and it transports us back to his Nigerian roots. With the band (listed below) providing classy backing, the album is as rich as his African heritage. The sublime and subtle title ballad expresses in a few words the sensation of what happens when you are not true to yourself, if you do not speak out against injustice:”

“Gregory Porter is getting a lot of attention and acclaim, and very rightly so, but he is not the only big soul-jazz singer on the block. Step forward Ola Onabulé.”

"In Emergency, Brake Silence" is not only individual AND entertaining by it’s title, it literally draws in your attention and mashes that certain something into the mix every sincere musician is chasing after...

“Sounds and showmanship in equal quantities. I don't say this very often, but I was struck speechless by what was on display.”

“With his velvety vocal cords, hypnotic melodies and penchant for politics, Ola Onabule is a musical dead-ringer for the great late Marvin Gaye. Ola serves up a tasty 12-dish special - with tunes that are both powerfully emotive and introspective. ”

“His unique selling proposition is a golden voice, ... that is beautifully clear and appealingly textured, almost classical. There are moments when he lets fly with a kind of yodelling ululation, like a more radio-friendly Leon Thomas.”