Okus Dolphin / Press

“CYNTHIA MOORE - Listening to [[ Stormlight ]] 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 on originality!! I shared you on my FB page also!! = RUSS BURTCH - Liking At Sunrise,good one enjoyed it... = The FABULOUS DEL COUNTS - " At Sunrise " wonderful track.......Charles = ANGELS OF FEAR - smiles ! Love your music ! Listening to you right now ! yay = MISS SARAH TRANCE - All well done!! Congrat! but for me a better song well i like more is Stormlight = LEAH - Super cool! And Astral Twins... wow! I love you both :) = FIERYREDHEAD DENIMORE - Enjoying storm light = SEVENTH FREEDOM - Listening to "Sunrise." Enchanting... = CHRISTINE LEE - Nice synth tracks on Sunrise. You captured the feeling of the sunrise in your track = DEBBIE KAUBLE - Very cool! = RACHEL HACHEM - Sunrise is a great track = PIPPA HAYES - Enjoyed listening to Stormlight. Great vibes = C.R.O.O.C - I love 'Burning Ambitions'. Puts me in the mind of Curtis Mayfield. Trippy and pimpy. Keep it weird! = DJ Antonio - Encouraging your music awesome = AR”

“KAREN CARUSO ACOUSTIC MUSIC - Speed of Dark...Pink Floyd with a punk feel....so innovative! = GEORGE REASON PRODUCTIONS - superb soundscapes loved your music very good synth works:D = FRANK KLEINWÄCHTER - Like your good Music!! = MARK THAYER - an artist for sure bringing forth great music.. = KC DALEIGH - Starting my week with your top three tunes! Great performance!!! = DALY REDLINE - love the music and the vibe = SMALL DAYS - Fire of the Sea - lovely track - keep it all coming. All there Best, Dave and Nat = AMANDA CASTRO - Fabulous !!!! = LP - Relax, 'At Sunrise' With just beautiful voice = PETE ZACHARES - Really like Stormlight = FANTASE B ♫ - nothing but Great music ! = SHAZOOT - You had me hooked immediately I heard the name! I had to chek out what you were doing and I'm glad I did, it's fantastically original and odd and I love it = ROBYNE BYRDDE - Groovy music! I love your vibe = DIVINITUS PRAECANTRIX - Nice Work ! = TERRY NEASON - 'Lovestorm'... Smooth vibe, enjoyed listen”

“Back for more of your musical creativity! JULIAN ANDREEN Enjoying 'The Flames Of Understanding' - nice tune Okus! ADAM NICHOLSON 'Vultures' so cool! CURTIS HENDERSON Diggin Ya Page Of Tunes Okus HILRANT Gotta love some Okus! Rock On! NMA Trippy music. Nice. APPARITION DENIED Great Music,love it MARIOS ALEXANDROU great music!!! DEMETRIUS FORBES Digging your sounds! Your newest fan, Jxmmy Jxnes, Peace ♡ JXMMY JXNES Really good tunes .... Liking and enjoying your music. STEPHANIE FEDRA great sounds and twist in your music. it was a pleasure to rock to your creativity. im a fan DA PREDATOR Amazing SAMI Very cool! AL MAURO Excellent work. Great style. BOB HAUSLER Enjoying "The Flame of Understanding"! DPB "Pictures of Rivers" Really like this one!! Mary BURZZA What a refreshing sound R'ILL EFFECT Very nice!!! IMU Very beautiful and smooth ... : ) JUANA CAMILLERI Listening 'the flame of understanding' :) nice ELISA DUWEZ your music is great! MATT ZEN MEZZ Onward Okus Dolphin dude :) PIGMYD”

“Liking At Sunrise,good one enjoyed it... RUSS BURTCH Checking out sunrise,defo be bk for more ;-) ACIDFOLK " At Sunrise " wonderful track... Charles THE FABULOUS DEL COUNTS smiles ! Love your music ! ANGELS OF FEAR All well done!! Congrat! song well i like more is Stormlight (y) MISS SARAH TRANCE Super cool! And Astral Twins... wow! I love you both :) LEAH Enjoying storm light and thank you... FIERYREDHEAD Listening to "Sunrise." Enchanting... SEVENTH FREEDOM Nice synth tracks on Sunrise. You captured the feeling of the sunrise in your track. CHRISTINE LEE Very cool! DEBBIE KAUBLE Sunrise is a great track. RACHEL HACHEM Enjoyed Stormlight. Great vibes PIPPA HAYES now listening stormlight ELIZA DUWEZ I love burning ambitions...Keep it weird! C.R.O.O.C. Great songs ;) ARLIO Smooth electric sound :) SHELAYNE Great vibe here,cheers. CLASSIC ROCK Pictures of Rivers is great!!! CALAMITY LANE The Flame of Understanding is rockin! DIANA LEE Really brilliant music! TODD APFEL”

“DEB - What a unique, diverse sound you have... SHELBRO - Yay Okus! :D you're too awesome = ZIBATARIN - SO much meaning in few words.!! I LOVED IT !! = THE MANITOU (Band) - I'm digging Dark Sirens. Cheers! = MEL AMMORETTI&HEARTS - woow, nice rhythm, it was a great performance :D = ROSE SELAVY - Awesome work!! = LONESOME STAR - you are multi-talented. Very refreshingly original sound and art :) = MARC - MySpace - Cool songs! = ALPHANAUT (Band) - kudos for creating such great tunes. Keep it happenin'! = MITSIMISTRATOR - Nice profile, music and the vids dude...”

“MAXINE ELECTRONIX - Hi Okus... I have to tell you , that you are one of the most entertaining acts on here...Keep up the great work and the great musical ideas:-) = JADE - You rock!!!!! = AT THE STARS (Band) - Beautiful words...Great page and music! = *SEABREEZE* - Hello OKUS... I So Luv Your Tunes. Your Voicals Blend So Well With Your Music. Your Amazing!!...Your Music/Songs Are Spectacular!! My All Time Fav. Are UNDERGROUND and THRU THIS DESERT UNIVERSE...I Love Your New Songs. They're So Beautiful And You Have Such A Wonderful Voice...The Music Sorrounds Me. I So Love It... xoxo... Your Videos Are Awesome :) = KRISTI - MySpace - You guys are so cool ;)”

“'SPIRITUAL' (5th ALBUM ) >>> With its Glastonbury candle shop sleeve, tunes, bewildering chords and tape edits, this is the real deal, genuine Outsider Art. 'Forest dweller' Okus Dolphin heroically tackles pop, lo-fi rave and rock using keyboards and drum machine. Lovers of naive Art Brut will find much to cherish here; the mixed-vocals, sudden drum fills and reverse effects. 'Spirit Of The Universe' is a real highlight, like Lieutenant Pigeon jamming with Can. Hilarious but strangely endearing, it seems there are four earlier albums of similar dogged creativity. Send the others asap. (Kid Pensioner)”

“LITTLE D3 ...I have watched underground...i really enjoyed that one. you have a major talent ...that is a VERY cool song. whens the new CD come out? ...It's Very well? done by you. I Really Enjoyed it = GATES OF DAWN (Band) - Music needs more people like you! = CHRISTY - Wow what a cool profile ya have. I watched a video, and then read some of your stuff.Then I moved to your player. I like your All The Angels Crying Over You song the best.I think it was pretty. I loved the guitar in it sweety. I also wanted to say something about your Oriental song. It was very psychedelic and sci-fi feeling. It was cool listening = JODESTER - Your art is ace! your music is ace too and kind of strange. In a good way”

“TAKE A TRIP BACK TO THE PSYCHEDELIC ERA – a time of carefree spirits – a dream state if you will – This multi-album producer describes his music in several different genres – from acoustic & ambient, to electronica rock and alternative. Okus Dolphin definitely brings about chaos & psychedelia to a fashion of music I have never heard before. It definitely reminds me of the era of The Beatles, psychedelic drugs and a carefree “hippie nation” so-to-speak. I’ve included previews from three of their albums, Spiritual, Mysterious Worlds & Firedragon, so you can hear the wide variety of styles performed by this unique artist. ”

“SAMSONI - I like your music. The song" Thru This Desert Universe" is my favourite song. The rhythms are full of inspiration = CHORNOPOP - Beautiful!!! = THE DEEP (Band) - love your strange and wild tunes and find them intensely catchy = LILABU - NICE.. = THE POTTSMAN (Band) - Cool video. You have some pretty sweet music too = HIPNOSIA - I like your ambient videos, and yor experimental music = LIZZARD - Nice, nice (: = REGG! - you're awesome!!! =]]] Regg! 'Oriental' is blowing my mind! Keep the vibes comin'! =]]] Regg!”

“THOUGHT YOU'D HEARD IT ALL? YOU WERE WRONG! Okus Dolphin have bizarre tracks direct from The Future Sound of Dolphins: imaginative, catchy songs: varied in style and filled with poetic meaning. 'Angel of Mercy' turns into Phoenix Nights, catchy enough to stick in your head for the day and calls to mind a whole host of references: Violent Femmes, Joy Division, Velvet Underground: that make them worth listening to. Lyrically as weird as their music: Generally odes to mystical beings dressed in odd imagery. Eastern Philosophy has been done well from The Beatles to Maher Baz. Keyboards sandwiched between fast paced pieces of electronica, as hearing Chemical Brothers track segue into Pavement. Okus Dolphin are either a great band or the worst in the world: something of an enigma. Their music is so plain weird. Shamooli Dawn, Karma Truffle: weird names. Possibly only eclipsed by Okus Dolphin”