OjOutLaw / Press

“We make the kind of records I hope inspires the kids with parents who played in the kind of bands that inspired us when we were kids.”

“...I can hear the Devil callin' & he is callin' your name...”

Kate W. - Facebook

“...U can have my bright blue elmo pants!...”

Trudy D. - Facebook

“Can I take a picture with you!?...Umm...Can I borrow your camera!?”

A Stoned Fan in St Kilda

“...You know you're getting old when you have to take a newspaper to the bathroom just to see your shit hit the headlines....”

Dan O'Brien - OjOutLaw Frontman - Facebook.com

“I Repeat!...Do NOT print quotes made by Mr. O'Brien in bedrooms or bars...Who am I talking to!?”

Recorded Message from the Management Office

“.... I would wear nothing but my body paint and shake my booty to your beat any day....”

Yvette E Mills - Facebook

“F**k O'Brien, buy me lunch at McDonalds, I'll give you your f**kin' interview!”

Steve Aliane - OjOutLaw Drummer - Soundclick.com

“I remember the time an angry kid asked me if I was the guitarist for OjOutLaw...Because that was the time I said yes!”

Crissy Morgan - OjOutLaw Guitarist - reverbnation.com

“Dan now expects us to do an "Acoustic" album!!...... We were hoping he brought those Supertramp records for his mother.....!!”

Jon Murray - OjOutLaw's Bass Player - Soundclick.com Band News

“This band needed to be put out of it's seedy misery years ago....We all want this man to stop singing....including ME!”

OjOutLaw Frontman Dan O'Brien - Myspace.com