Oh Susanna / Press

“Soon The Birds is an exquisite narrative of such extraordinary beauty it should be compulsory listening for every music lover in the whole damn world.”


“Oh Susanna’s “Soon The Birds” is Canadian songstress Suzie Ungerleider’s fifth album. Her country folk is often compared to Gillian Welch, and not least because songs such as “By Rope” and “Pretty Blue Eyes” transport the listener to a distant, unknown world and then bring them back feeling like they’ve lived another life. * * * * ”

Q Magazine

“Whether it’s the large canvas or the tiniest but oh so important fragment of a life, every word is carefully chosen and delicately placed. The singing – it is like an angel when it needs to be, and sobs with pain when that is what the song requires...[Soon The Birds] is a joy of an album.”

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