Oh No No / Press

“The title of this Nashville band’s new self-released EP, Tren Del Sexo (“Sex Train”), says it all. ...the new EP is a start in the right direction”

“It’s raw, intelligently put together, and something I would absolutely die to see live.”

“ It's really unusual to see (Oh No No) not really knowing what their sound is and having it completely work for them. One minute they seem to be straight blues rock, but as soon as you get used one thing they continue to run the gambit touching on everything between pop and hardcore.”

“This band has just one goal. . . that’s to play the most wildest, craziest, hard driving music that will rock out the house.”

“I really like this new band called Oh No No. Not sure what the recordings are like, but they're playing their asses off for 20 ppl right now”

"Solid vocals, fantastic energy, and a pretty sweet harmonica"

“Oh No No were incredibly fun and offered some choice moments”

“I really only have one thing to say about the Nashville Indie-Blues-Rock band Oh No No, They are freaking insane live and really nice guys. I would say they have the most potential of any band this side of the Mississippi to make it big. ”