Oh Condor / Press

“The four-piece, grounded in the indie and emo of a decade ago, does have its stylistic swings. Shades of Dinosaur Jr. and even Small Brown Bike rear up in the band's latest album, You've Been Believed, though the record leans mostly toward Midwest emo and Dischord rock.”

“the kind of confident, competent band that takes chances without stooping to aping anybody else’s sound or cherry picking the popular sounds that would make the record a cookie-cutter version of somebody else’s work.”

“You've Been Believed finds the band honing a blend of slashing guitars, swirling synth punctuations, and propulsive rhythms into an infectiously understated dance party.”

“Under the Fairweather... is the high fidelity antidote they've been hankering for all these long years. The 10-song disc is a viral slab of uncompromising post-rock with an emo undercurrent and plenty of indie rock soul. This one definitely warrants repeated spins.”

Don Thrasher - Dayton Daily News

"Actually, think of the whole EP as Death Cab for Cutie meet Hey Mercedes after stealing At the Drive-In's pedals and four track recorders" - Rewirereviews


"This is way ace. Biggest surprise in ages, thanks for sending me this, wow. I wish everything I got sent was as good as this. These guys are the 101 and maybe some cuddles are going to make winter warmer." - Collective Zine

"beautifully melds sky-sparkling flourishes of jubilantly swaying guitar rhythms with electrically radiant leads and a bouncy, trippy backbeat of bass and drums" - Under the Volcano Issue #84

Under the Volcano