One From Many / Press

“After first listen to some of the new tracks, you knew this was a cd worth every penny. Their live performance proved to be just as good. These guys have a great chemistry on stage and you easily saw the joy they have playing together. The Tiger Bar was packed too…It was hot and sweaty, but no one seemed to care.”

“One From Many has been compared to significant Alternative Rock bands and deservedly so. One From Many stands on the shoulders of giants and emerges at the forefront of the evolution of rock and roll....The highest compliment is that a band has their own sound. One From Many has their own sound.”

““The Alleged Album” highlights some very creative efforts in musical stylings paired with lyrics that will be cause célèbre. “Retrospective ” is one of the highlights on this upcoming album and a song you should be sharing and spreading the word on. With the irresistible beat this song will get you moving and something you are going to want to put on repeat for a while”