Off The Turnpike / Press

“The band is tight, and the music is ballsy and deft. But, even above the fine musicianship and craft the band displayed at Arlene’s, I have to say their show is a lot of fun.”

“OFF THE TURNPIKE drives into hearts with raw and unforgettable energy”

“Sometimes, you want to listen to a band that just plays no-frills rock and roll. Off The Turnpike takes that attitude and delivers it with strong songwriting, a pounding rhythm section and powerful vocals.”

“[There's a] dirty, raspy sound [...] throughout the album that single handedly transports you to the New York scene. It gives many of the songs on ‘Off The Turnpike’ an imposing, unapologetic posture, and that’s a place where this band thrives.”

“For a band that has only been playing and writing together for about a year, Off The Turnpike have quickly and successfully found a good identity for their New York Rock stylings. This debut record is a fabulous indicator of what is to come from the band that (As they like to put it) has the goal of resurrecting the dormant New York Rock scene. With music like this, it’s certainly possible.”

“I witnessed the transcendent rock and rolling glory of one of New York’s most promising unsigned acts: Off the Turnpike.”