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“Grand Ledge bluesy funk rock band debuts new album, “Wherever We Land” Posted by spohn9 Story by Sarah Spohn, WLNZ 89.7 Everything you ever loved about ’90s music is back, and better than ever. I’m not talking about the sugary pop teenagers like Brittany or Christina, I mean the grunge — the good stuff. The songs that were in their prime during the time, when alternative music made waves on the mainstream airwaves. You know, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Dave Matthews Band, the list goes on. So get in your time machine, and add Grand Ledge’s own Off The Ledge to that nostalgic ’90s list of great bands.”

“Off The Ledge is a band that impeccably combines elements of blues, funk, rock, jazz, and folk into their songs for your listening pleasure. The band is originally from Lansing, and will be representing at MOTM Day 3. Be there or be square.”

“Friday: The Q106 Homegrown Throwdown wraps up this Friday at the Loft in Lansing, pitting a handful of talented Mid-Michigan bands against each other in one final matchup. The finalists include Off the Ledge (above), Tyrant, the Getout, Killing Faith, Deveraux and St8 of Mine. They’re all great bands, so this is going to be one tough competition! Tab Wakley of Off the Ledge says the Throwdown is a great way to jet-start the band’s career. “Off the Ledge is very happy to be a part of the q106 Homegrown Throwdown, as it is a great opportunity for our band to kick off our career with a bang and play to a sold out crowd early in our career,” he said. “Round One of the Throwdown was our second show as a band and we were surprised to win that round and are hoping to win the final round so we can use the prize money to record our first album.” For more information, head to the Q106 website.”

“Lansing, Michigan is becoming known for musical talent all across the Midwest and the nation. Off The Ledge, is just another name on a very long list of successful artists to come out of the Lansing area. Off The Ledge is making a splash in the Lansing music industry because of their unique sound. When asked to describe the band's musical sound, a few words didn't seem to be enough. "Very broad ranging from bluegrass and folk sounds to jazz and blues to hard rock. Most simply put, funky, folky, blues influenced alterna-rock jazziness. But definitely not jazzy, funky, alterna-rock, blues influenced folkiness. That would just be ridiculous," said members of Off The Ledge.”